Technology isn’t the only thing that’s changing in your practice: today’s clients expect to be engaged and involved every step of the way. They aren’t looking for a sales pitch – they’re looking for trusted recommendations on a hearing solution that’s right for them – and they want to see evidence. All of this requires a shift from the traditional approach to hearing care.

Connected health and technology helps optimize healthcare resources and provides flexible opportunities for you and your clients to stay engaged between appointments. These changes in the delivery of health care are creating simpler, data-driven and client-centered experiences.

It’s time to move past the traditional client experience of having an assessment, accepting a hearing loss, and deciding on a hearing instrument in the span of an hour or so. You can empower your clients with the experience of real-world assessments, backed with self-reported and automatically logged data. All with no commitment.

While usage, or traditional data logging, focusses on what the device does – including how long it’s used, what programs are used and what adjustments are made – more context is better. You can collect objective data about the listening environments your clients spend time in during the trial period, in addition to usage, with Log It All, only from Unitron. Think of it as a lifestyle analyzer – it captures information about the time your client spends in seven different listening environments, enabling you to understand their unique needs on a deeper level, in less time.

It’s no surprise that 78% of HCPs reported that Log It All allowed them to be more proactive in counselling their clients.1

Log It All shows you the environments where your clients are spending time, including where conversations are happening.

Your clients don’t have to wait until their next appointment to report back, or try to recall experiences during their trial, or even after they’ve selected a solution. Clients can share their in-the-moment impressions with Ratings, submitted through an easy-to-use smartphone app. You’ll gain a better understanding of when and where your clients are happiest with their hearing solution and where there’s room for improvement.

Through regularly scheduled satisfaction emails to your clients, you will be notified if something isn’t going well If their overall satisfaction rating is less than six, or they complete three negative ratings, you will receive an automatic notification. You can then reach out to troubleshoot their issues and suggest a follow-up appointment.

The insights don’t end when the trial turns into a purchase. With data at your fingertips, you can fine tune their hearing solution or recommend an upgrade as their lifestyle and hearing needs change.

With data at your fingertips, you can fine tune their hearing solution or recommend an upgrade as their lifestyle and hearing needs change. It all adds up to a flexible, empowering and easy hearing experience they’ll love. Your clients can be confident in both your recommendation, and their choice – because they have real-life experience with a hearing solution, backed by evidence.

You’ll reap additional benefits, too:

  • 71% of HCPs reported an increase in conversion rates, meaning more hearing aid sales1
  • 79% said they fit higher technology levels1
  • 83% experienced reduced stress in selling.1

You got into this business to help people. Let us help you make a difference.

1 HCP FLEX program survey, USA, 2018