As a hearing care professional, your clients’ satisfaction is the bedrock of your organization. Moxi Blu is designed for comfort and ease of use, that gives you and your clients the peace of mind that they’re wearing the right technology level for their individual lifestyle.

Moxi™ Blu, the latest family of hearing instruments from Unitron, places fit and comfort at the core of its design, making for  devices compact enough to blend effortlessly into their day, hold up to the demands of an active lifestyle, and offer the certainty that comes with being able to try them before jumping into a clearer, richer future with both ears.

With every new hearing solution, Unitron studiously gathers feedback from hearing care professionals like yourself, and your clients, to improve the look and feel of our devices. 

When it comes to enjoying the moment, comfort is paramount. Each new device in the Moxi Blu family has been redesigned for wearing comfort and ease of use, including 3 stylish models and 6 colors to suit each client’s personal style. 

Moxi Blu is built for wearing  comfort and ease of use.. Crafted with glasses in mind, the new design is ready to complement everyday ordinary events — and the extraordinary ones. 

As clients experience changing levels of dexterity, Moxi Blu accommodates your clients' different abilities. Thanks to state-of-the-art tap control enabled by a tri-axial accelerometer., o ne gentle double tap to the ear can answer calls to their mobile device, hang-up, pause and play streaming music and more.

Moxi Blu’s updated functionality includes a multi-function button with improved tactility thanks to a redesign that offers a 60 percent larger surface area. This inspires confidence in the usability of their hearing instruments. 

Moxi Blu powers its devices with the latest battery technology for a sense of trust their hearing instruments will be there for them if they decide to make a detour, take a few more laps, or even grab a nightcap when they don’t want their evening to end. 

The Moxi Blu family includes Moxi B-R and Moxi B-RT, which are available with Unitron’s power-packed lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It lasts all day , even if the adventure includes accessing Blu’s exceptional connectivity to other digital devices for phone calls, media streaming and accessing virtual assistants.  So, when the path less taken calls, they can answer. There is also Moxi B-312 for those that prefer a traditional battery.

When meeting with clients beginning their journey to better hearing, or existing clients ready to replace their hearing instruments, Moxi Blu ensures peace of mind with Unitron’s industry-leading try before you buy convenience. 

Nothing beats the assurance of being able to test a product out in the real world before committing. Log It All captures real-life data that provides more context to the environments where clients spend time. You can use it to spark evidence-based conversations surrounding a client’s lifestyle and technology level choices.

As they navigate their lives, Moxi Blu’s in-app reminders, tips and how-to guides help new clients quickly adapt to their hearing instruments. These helpful notifications begin immediately upon activation. Topics such as charging, changing batteries, cleaning, usage, and what to expect from their hearing instruments will be covered in easy-to-understand content and videos. Clients will receive more frequent notifications in the beginning and fewer notifications as they gain more experience with their hearing instruments.

This commitment to client flexibility and service goes beyond helping them find the right fit and color. When they try for themselves, and begin experiencing the world again with clarity and wonder, you’ll have rewarded their trust, and provided a hearing solution that  allows them to walk boldly into each new experience.