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What's inside the
best conversations?



It's what's inside that counts.

Our Insera ITE family brings patients closer to the heart of the conversations they don’t want to miss. Insera provides the best directional performance in custom products so speech is easier to understand and everything naturally sounds just the way it should.


Nothing customizes
like EarMatch




EarMatch analyzes multiple
anatomical parameters using a 3D
model generated from the patient's
ear impression. 


Our recognition algorithm identifies ears by analyzing their unique features, then searches our comparative database to select a match.


Our modeling process customizes the beamformer’s calibration to create a directional response optimized for the individual’s ear.

The best conversations. Ever.


SoundCore is made up of four intelligent features that work together to understand a patient’s listening environment, making fluid adjustments that help them actively participate in every conversation, no matter how much background noise is present.

Expand their possibilities

Accessories work with your patient’s hearing instruments to make listening even better.

Peace of mind wherever your patients go

We believe a warranty is a warranty, no matter where you are

With international offices and partners in 65 countries around the globe
our hearing instruments can travel worry free.

A Sonova brand
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