Did you know that 91% of HCPs agree that that Blu platform provides sound performance clients love?  Since the launch of the Blu platform, we’ve sold hundreds of thousands of Blu devices. That means there are a lot of people loving the sound performance of the Blu platform all around the world – and now, with the introduction of InseraTM custom hearing aid models, even more clients can experience all that Blu has to offer.

We launched the Blu platform with 3 RIC devices, including the award winning MoxiTM B-R, a rechargeable RIC device that embodies Unitron’s user-centric design philosophy. Moxi B-R was complemented by Moxi B-RT, our rechargeable RIC with telecoil, and Moxi B-312, a RIC with a 312 zinc air battery, giving you option for those who are looking for the long battery life and flexibility of a disposable battery. With four RIC receiver strengths available, Moxi B hearing aids are suitable for mild to severe hearing losses. 

The response to the Blu platform has been amazing! Moxi B-R won a 2021 Red Dot design award, and was the Gold Winner of a 2022 MUSE Design Award – Medical Device.These hearing aids aren’t just about form, they are also about function. Hearing aids on the Blu platform provide your clients with a fully automatic hearing experience, but we all know, sometimes wearers want to make changes beyond what an automatic program can offer – and for this, the Blu platform offers sophisticated personalization options. Your clients can adjust comfort and clarity in the Remote Plus app, and make adjustments using the equalizer, to help them easily find their preferred sound in any environment. In fact, 87% of HCPs agree that the Blu platform provides easy personalization in the moment, so patients can hear how they want, when they want1.

Not long after the introduction of the Blu platform, we launched two new BTEs, the rechargeable StrideTM B-PR, and the long awaited Stride B-UP. Stride B-UP is an ultra power BTE with the great sound performance and connectivity features that the Blu platform is known for – in a newly designed form factor. Unfortunately, people with profound hearing loss sometimes miss out on some of the latest hearing aid features because these products tend to have longer development cycles, so we were particularly pleased to provide the robust and easy connectivity features in this form factor. In our Launch Monitor survey, 97% of HCPs agree that the Blu platform provides easy connection to all kinds of favorite tech1, and these easy connections are available for a wide range of clients. In 2022 Stride B-UP was recognized with it’s own Red Dot design award. The addition of these form factors also means that the Blu platform has great options for users who need a BTE, and for those with profound hearing loss.

And now, with the addition of 3 new Insera custom models, available in styles from IIC to full shell, there really is something for (just about) everyone on the Blu platform. The powerhouse of the Insera family is the B-312. This device features all of the amazing connectivity features and automatic sound processing found in the RIC and BTE devices on the Blu platform, in a device custom fit to the individual clients’ ear using our sophisticated EarMatch process. The B-312 NW O and B-10 NW O are non-wireless, omni devices designed for those who prioritize small size, and aren’t looking for the advanced connectivity features of a wireless device.

And in addition to the fantastic platform features, all of the hearing aids on the Blu platform feature our Experience Innovations, a combination of Performance Tracking and Continuous Care features to enhance the service you provide and help clients get the most from each hearing care experience, helping to ensure everyone loves the experience.

1Stöcklin, R. (2021). Market Research ID4503. Please contact  marketinsight@unitron.com if you are interested in further information.