Our world is becoming digitally connected at a rate that still manages to amaze us. Today, as we discover new ways to celebrate life’s cherished moments, and find adventure from the comfort of our home, the level of digital connectivity in our lives has taken another leap forward, opening our imaginations to new horizons. 

Blu, the latest platform from Unitron, is designed with today’s digital world in mind. As connectivity becomes more vital, and clients look for more ways to personalize the technology they use every day, the promise of better hearing for those in your care now comes with the effortless integration to their ever-growing list of smart technologies.

From dining out, to cycling, to hearing every brilliant note of a jazz medley, the convenience and flexibility of Blu instill confidence that your clients will get the most from the experiences that matter most to them. 

Whether it’s dinner, drinks and friendly banter on the patio or a car speeding by or neighborhood dogs barking on a walk, Blu automatically classifies each environment and optimizes performance accordingly, so most of the time, little if any user-intervention is needed. It just works - so clients can wear them and forget them.

But what about those occasional times when the default settings are not quite right, when the client would prefer something other than the usual response in an unusual or specific circumstance? Providing easy, meaningful personalization options can really make a difference.

For such occasions that call for even more personalization, your client has the option to make temporary adjustments to the automatic program. If a very specific circumstance needs even more individualization, clients can select from up to 6 on-demand manual programs right in the Remote Plus app, adjust as desired and access again if needed in the future.  

It’s this level of flexibility, and customization that ensures when it’s needed most, your clients can be prepared for wherever life takes them.

As they confidently switch between settings and make minor adjustments, you’ll have the details you need to make further adjustments. With information about your client’s habits and preferences you’ll be able to deliver care with precise data — minimizing guess work or trial and error.

For changes that require your expertise, remote adjust allows you to deliver professional fine-tuning remotely. This gives flexibility and convenience to all your clients, whether they’re at home or on the move, by facilitating easy adjustments without having to travel to your office. 

The new Blu family offers a level of connectivity designed to not only meet your clients’ hearing needs, but also deliver on the potential of a fully connected future. 

As a made-for-all hearing solution, Blu connects effortlessly between two active Bluetooth devices. No matter what device they have, they’ll appreciate quick, integrated and seamless access to their digital world. 

With our new tap control, your clients can control media and call with a gentle double tap to the ear. They can stream the Beatles directly into their hearing instruments and even enhance sound quality with an equalizer for adjusting bass, mid and treble. No matter if they’re a fan of John, Paul, George or Ringo, they’ll get the streaming experience they want.

When a call comes in, that same simple tapping motion can pause the music to answer the call. Clients will appreciate hands-free phone calls and the ability to access their virtual assistant as well.

Convenient connectivity ensures that your clients can completely immerse themselves in life instead of hassling with their hearing instruments and other devices. Because amazing experiences come out of the Blu.