Patients with severe-to-profound cochlear hearing loss have suffered significant or even total damage to both their inner and outer hair cell functionality.  Outer hair cell damage leads to a loss of sensitivity for sound and inner hair cell damage typically leads to distortion of the sounds perceived. This is a round-the-clock challenge that is unique to this group, but helping them presents a tremendous opportunity for maximum impact. The new Ultra Power BTE on the Blu platform comes with features and tools to help hearing care professionals do just that, all packaged in an award-winning design.

Severe-to-profound patients have diverse backgrounds and experiences when it comes to amplification, often accompanied by high expectations for new hearing aids. With this group making approximately 10-13% of an average case load [1], you aren’t seeing them every day, which can make it challenging to confidently know how to satisfy their expectations.

The best way to address these challenges is with improved fitting software — and Super Power pre-sets was the result. This dedicated workflow was introduced into TrueFit, when Unitron launched Tempus Max. Each pre-set offers a specific configuration of sound processing features that can be further changed anytime.

These pre-sets were built off data gathered in partnership with the National Centre for Audiology at Western University, providing real- world input from patients.

Ultra Power pre-sets have a new name in TrueFit v5.1, but the goal remains the same — making challenging fittings easier right from the start. Current, Conventional, and Classic pre-set configurations are built into TrueFit 5.1. Each is defined changes to the default settings of the following features: fitting formula, microphone mode, speech enhancement, and noise reduction.  All are adjusted with a simple mouse click.

  • Current: a collection of the latest and greatest features, with advanced signal processing and binaural directionality.
  • Conventional: a more traditional approach to amplification, plus moderate signal processing and some directionality.
  • Classic: a time-honored approach to sound processing, with little to no signal processing and no directionality. 

Figure 1

After the introduction of Tempus Max, usage of the Super Power pre-sets was reviewed, and notable results were revealed. Across tens of thousands of fittings (performed with Tempus Max) roughly 9 of 10 utilized the Current pre-set, with the remaining fittings evenly split between Conventional and Classic pre-sets. The Current pre-set is heavily utilized at each performance level, from Essential through Premium.

Figure 2

The new Stride Blu UP offers a level of connectivity unsurpassed among Super and Ultra Power products — which are designed to meet your clients’ hearing needs both now, and in an increasingly connected future. With made-for-all connectivity, Stride Blu UP can effortlessly connect to two active Bluetooth devices. No matter what the devices are, this opens quick, integrated and seamless access to the digital world. 

A simple push of the multi-function button can answer and end phone calls, and play and pause streamed media. Intermediary accessories are no longer required. Direct connectivity also means Stride Blu UP is compatible with the Partner Mic and TV Connector.  This is the first time we have offered this streaming capability to people with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

Clients now also have access to the Remote Plus app, opening up a world of personalization and convenience, and empowering them to make in-the-moment adjustments — so they can feel comfortable and confident wherever the day leads.

Because the risk of feedback increases at very high amplification levels, delivering an intricate and comfortable hearing experience in the Super and Ultra Power category is challenging. Stride Blu UP is equipped with powerful dual receivers which cancel out one another’s vibration patterns. This allows the receivers to drive harder, before vibrations are ever picked up by the microphone. Feedback is reduced, and delivering an ultimate improvement in gain and output of up to +2 dB SPL over the previous generation of UP. [2]

Stride B-UP is our second hearing instrument featuring the Blu platform and our 8th overall to be awarded a Red Dot Award for product design. Our Ultra Power BTE has been completely redesigned to be smaller and lighter than our previous T Max, and adds a multi-function button with enhanced tactility. Design runs deep in our DNA and Stride B-UP exemplifies that fact with its sleek style, user-friendly functionality and ultra-powerful sound performance.

Ultra Power pre-sets minimize the steps in a fitting experience to help reach the desired processing levels faster. steps in a fitting experience, Stride Blu UP’s new design, powered by the Blu platform, is built to keep up with the complexity of your patients’ everyday lives. 


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