We live in a world connected by technology. It is now easier than ever to learn about the world, become part of new groups, and keep in touch with distant loved ones. This technology can benefit those with severe to profound hearing loss like perhaps no other community. 

Stride™ Blu Ultra Power is the newest hearing aid from Unitron. It is designed for effortless connectivity, to help you overcome the unique obstacles of your everyday experience. It provides in-the-moment personalization to improve your listening experience, and allow you to stay in the conversation.

Stride Blu UP opens up a world of connectivity, by allowing you to conveniently control your phone, digital assistants and media streaming - all from your hearing aids. Now you can connect to all your digital devices (including both iOS or Android) and enable true hands-free calling without the need for additional accessories.

For instance, if a phone call comes in while you’re watching a video on your tablet, no problem - Stride Blu UP can seamlessly switch between the call and the video. It supports up to two active Bluetooth connections.

Accessories improve the overall experience. TV Connector makes watching Netflix better than ever. Roger Direct facilitates conversations in a variety of complex environments, and PartnerMic amplifies one-on-one conversations, in situations where there is distance between you and the speaker.

For the first time, the Remote Plus app is available to Stride Blu UP wearers. This innovative app makes it possible for your hearing care professional to adjust your hearing aids via your smartphone - no matter where you are. And when you need real time changes in the moment, you can boost speech and listening comfort with just the touch of a button. Specialized app programs are also optimized for specific situations.

Stride Blu UP is built for connectivity, and designed to meet your unique hearing needs. Your hearing aids are an important part of many elements of your life - at work, in school, for play, and in relationships –and Stride Blu Ultra Power is built to keep up.