There are sudden moments in life your clients don’t want to miss. They can take them all in with the new Stride Blu hearing aids. Enhanced automatic sound optimization and intuitive personalization options put the power back in their hands and helps them enjoy each day as it comes.

No matter what listening environments your clients face, the automatic sound optimization in our new Stride Blu hearing aids will help them feel confident wherever the day leads. 

Every journey is different. With Stride Blu hearing aids, your clients have a variety of options at their fingertips to ensure that they have a fit that is personalized for their needs.

Easy connection to the digital world isn’t a perk; it’s a must-have. Stride Blu hearing aids now fits seamlessly into your clients’ lives with easy connectivity and hands-free control. 

For clients, how their hearing devices work is only part of the equation. In addition to powerful hearing technology, Stride B-UP hearing aids have been completely redesigned to be smaller, sleeker and slimmer on top to accommodate glasses and features an easy-to-find and press multi-function button for convenient control.

If your clients need further tailoring, send adjustments directly to your clients’ hearing devices using the enhanced remote adjust. It now features the ability to adjust directionality, feedback canceler, speech enhancement, noise reduction and more!

Stride™ Blu BTEs will help your clients to get the most out of every situation.