Unitron’s experience innovations can help you break free from the status quo to provide an exceptional hearing care experience.

Did you know that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences?1 By enhancing the hearing care journey, you can increase client satisfaction and keep them coming back. Unitron equips you with a suite of tools and features that we call experience innovations. Each one is designed to help you deliver highly personalized care and nurture client loyalty. 

Unitron products combine two categories of tools that fit easily into your counseling to enhance your hearing care experience:

  • Performance Tracking, featuring data-driven insights for both you and your clients that reinforce your counseling and help them make informed decisions
  • Continuous Care, featuring tools that make it easy for you to provide ongoing support, instruction and encouragement to help your clients get the most from their hearing aids every day
  • Saving time, minimizing follow-up appointments, and allowing you to fit more clients
  • Helping you offer more proactive, personalized counseling
  • Empowering clients to customize their hearing solutions
  • Providing greater support to first-time wearers
  • Offering clients valuable insights and perspectives on their needs
  • Fostering guidance and understanding to help clients avoid potential pitfalls

Gives clients the opportunity to upgrade to a higher technology level as lifestyle and hearing needs evolve over time, with no need to swap hearing instruments.

Your advantage: Create new opportunities for incremental revenue.

Try a short self-guided training session to learn how FLEX:UPGRADE can help keep clients coming back.

FLEX:UPGRADE is just one of Unitron’s powerful experience innovations. Download our one-pager to learn more.

Supports clients with personalized tips and information delivered to their smartphones, plus important reminders about cleaning and care.

Your advantage: Reinforce your counseling and create a unique client experience.

Watch our brief self-guided training session to learn how you can send clients home with personalized, automatic support from coach.

Coach is just one of Unitron’s powerful experience innovations. Download our one-pager to learn more.

Allows you to make adjustments remotely in Unitron’s TrueFit fitting software and send them along with a personalized message to clients’ phones where they can accept and apply the changes to their hearing instruments.

Your advantage: Service clients quickly and efficiently without using up appointment slots

In our remote adjust eLearning module, you can take a self-guided tour on how to deliver convenient distance support to your clients

Remote adjust is just one of Unitron’s powerful experience innovations. Download our one-pager to learn more.

It’s time to say goodbye to the status quo. Contact your Unitron representative today to explore the ways Unitron’s performance tracking and continuous care features can help you provide a personalized hearing care experience that stands apart.

1 Epsilon, 2018