Unitron believes that the world would be a better place if people felt really good about the entire hearing care experience’. 

Give your clients more than just advanced sound performance, but accurate personalization, incredible innovations and an easy first fit experience.

Ready for life’s unexpected moments, our hearing solutions give your clients a personalized hearing experience in any situation. With advanced signal processing that combines powerful binaural communication with automatic sound performance optimization, Unitron offers a hearing solution that can keep up with a with the adventures of life.

With Unitron’s TrueFit™ fitting software doesn’t get any easier. Designed to be flexible and intuitive, TrueFit makes your fittings efficient and gives you time back to focus on your clients. With sophisticated data analysis, you can deliver your clients highly personalized recommendations based on their real-world experiences. 

We set the standard, and now we are raising the bar with how hearing instruments are designed. Our philosophy puts the wearer first, ensuring that the traditional pain points are removed; improving the hearing care experience for your clients. Our focus on aesthetics, comfort and intuitive functionality has earned us six Red Dot awards for product design.

Your clients will enjoy seamless connections with our made for all connectivity on Unitron hearing solutions. Streaming media directly to the hearing instrument, or controlling truly hands-free phones calls with a tap to the ear, Unitron solutions work seamlessly in the lives of the wearer.