Unitron’s FLEXTM experience is a stand-out solution that delivers a flexible, empowering and easy hearing experience.

Starting from the very first appointment, FLEX impacts every step of the hearing care journey, promoting better interactions with clients that result in more positive and successful experiences.

But sometimes it’s easier to let the facts speak for themselves.

1,3,4 HCP FLEX program survey, USA, 2018
2 Anovum (2017) Unitron Launch Monitor

of hearing care professionals (HCPs) reported increases in their conversion rate1

of consumers felt they would receive a greater level of hearing care from a clinic that uses client-reported ratings2

of HCPs reported FLEX reduces the stress of selling3

of HCPs reported FLEX increases client satisfaction4

FLEX:TRIALTM provides wearers with the freedom to try great sounding hearing instruments before they  buy and assess hearing solutions in the places they spend time, every day. All without the pressure of making a decision or a financial commitment.

Insights helps you understand your client's listening lifestyle with a comprehensive view of the environments where time is actually spent. Combine this with in-the-moment ratings describing hearing experience quality and take advantage of this objective data for the most personalized hearing solution.
FLEX:UPGRADETM makes it possible to respond to a client's evolving listening lifestyle. Our open platform approach provides the unique opportunity to upgrade technology levels at any time during the lifespan of your existing hearing solution hardware.

Unitron TrueFit is a customized and comfortable approach to finding the perfect hearing instrument for any kind of consumer. It comes with the unique benefit of Insights, allowing you to review individualized feedback with your client to fine-tune your hearing recommendation. Unitron TrueFit will quickly and effectively analyze all of the gathered hearing data recommendations, putting valuable time back into your hands.

Connect when you want, how you want. myUnitron is an online portal designed to make life easier and more efficient for you and your practice. It puts the capabilities and documents you need to do business at your fingertips, 24/7.

Our first lithium-ion rechargeable Moxi Jump R is a stylish RIC design that is simple to charge. No battery door, and no more hassles changing batteries.
Experience our new Moxi Fit with a multifunction button that allows for even more flexible functionality. It’s as discreet and stylish as ever, with a distinct focus on comfort and ease. It’s a favorite for a reason.

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