Whether it’s a quiet moment alone, or a noisy room with loved ones, Vivante keeps up with you! To match your lifestyle and preferences, there is more choice with Vivante. Because choice makes life beautiful.

Stride V-UP is our BTE on the Vivante platform specifically designed for clients with severe to profound hearing loss. It features our latest sound performance, seamless Made For All direct connectivity to multiple devices, telecoil and a traditional 675 battery.

The Vivante platform has our best sound performance yet, delivering the sounds of the good life no matter where your patients are off to next by automatically adjusting to their lifestyle.

  • Integra OS has evolved to have a new 8th listening environment, conversation in loud noise, utilizing our new HyperFocus feature. For the most complex, noisy situations, HyperFocus improves the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for face-to-face conversations.
  • Vivante features our new 360 conversation in car manual program that automatically focuses on speech, regardless of where passengers are sitting.

Provide your clients with more ways to personalize their hearing experience with ETT

  • Coach: helps your clients integrate hearing instruments into their lives with personalized, timely and helpful tips, reminders and advice
  • First Fit: enables you to fit your clients in as few as four clicks while facilitating easier adaptation for new hearing instrument wearers
  • FLEX:TRIALTM: allows your clients to experience amplification outside the clinic and in the real world where they live, work and play
  • FLEX:UPGRADETM: the only globally offered solution that allows you to easily upgrade your client’s current hearing instruments to a higher technology level
  • Log It All: captures real-life data enabling you to give more personalized recommendations to your clients based on their real-world listening lifestyle
  • Ratings: allows your clients to provide in-the-moment feedback through the Remote Plus app, while capturing hearing instrument settings to help make your counseling more efficient and personalized ​
  • Remote Adjust: you can make fine-tuning adjustments and deliver professional care that’s convenient for you and your clients, no matter where they are
  • Success Check: allows you to view your client’s usage data, Log It All score, Ratings and more – receive alerts to successes or barriers without the need to connect hearing instruments to fitting software
  • Our Made For All compatibility and true hands-free technology enable your patients to stream directly to their hearing aids using their favorite Bluetooth capable devices -- plus they can connect with two devices simultaneously.
  • Accessories like Remote Control, PartnerMic, TV Connector and Roger Direct further enhance your patients' listening experience.

Since 2014, many of our products have won the prestigious Red Dot Award, as well as an iF Design Award, a MUSE Design Award and have been recognized in the Hearing Technology Innovator AwardsTM.

Moxi hearing aids on the Vivante platform

Stride hearing aids on the Vivante platform