It’s no secret that we’re passionate about design, but for us, it’s about more than good looks.

Great design is about creating an experience everyone will love from start to finish and our design philosophy considers all aspects of the experience, including aesthetics, comfort, ease of use and performance. Using design thinking and research, we put the user at the center of our innovation processes to make sure we are solving real pain points and designing enjoyable experiences – from the first appointment in a clinic to their day-to-day lives.

Since making a drastic shift in our design journey nearly ten years ago, we’ve racked up six Red Dot Product Design awards – most recently in 2020 for the MoxiTM Jump R. 

The Red Dot Award, which dates to 1955, is an internationally recognized distinction, celebrating excellence in product design. The international Red Dot jury is made up of 40 independent design experts, educators and industry journalists who review thousands of submissions annually from manufacturers and product designers around the world. Products are evaluated based on quality, performance, degree of innovation and ecological compatibility.

We received our first Red Dot Product Design Award in 2014 with MoxTM Kiss. This was the first form factor to showcase our new design language, embodying a fresh, friendly and bold look. Moxi Kiss also brought with it our first implementation of a Tinnitus masker as well as the introduction of two revolutionary offerings,

The Moxi Kiss also won the iF Product Design award in 2014. 

Our next Red Dot came the following year with MoxiTM Fit. It was here that we introduced SoundNav, our automatic program and Sound Conductor which balances the features in seven unique listening environments. With the addition of a push button and telecoil, Unitron gave clients more control over their listening experience. 

In 2016 Red Dot recognized StrideTM P, our first BTE build with our user-centric design philosophy. This hearing instrument on the North platform, offered full control for the client with three easy to use onboard controls to adjust volume and programs. With the introduction of Log It All, we gave hearing care professionals powerful insight into client’s listening lifestyles, enabling them to personalize the hearing aids to each client’s exact need. 

2017 was a big design year, we picked up two Red Dot awards. The first for StrideTM M, the second (Best of the Best) for MoxiTM Now. Three years later, Moxi Now is still the smallest wireless RIC in the world providing the ultimate in comfort and aesthetics. You could set it and forget it – no push button meant no need to touch the instruments. This is also when Ratings were introduced on the Tempus platform, allowing clients to stay engaged with their hearing care professionals through their journey to amplification. 

Winning the Red Dot Product Design Award 2020 award for the Moxi Jump R hearing aid, marks the sixth time we’ve been internationally recognized for our innovative hearing instruments. 

The Moxi Jump R T represents the first Li-ion rechargeable form factor in our RIC line-up providing 24 hours of amplification, or 16 hours of amplification with 8 hours of media streaming along with direct connectivity to both iOS and Android devices.

The Moxi Jump R can be controlled through the Remote Plus app, which allows hearing aid wearers to adjust volume and programs and share real-time impressions of their hearing instruments using their smartphones. The app also enables clients to connect with their hearing care professionals via cloud technology to ensure the best fitting experience. The coach feature on the Remote Plus app sends users notifications for when to charge their batteries, clean their devices, usage details and much more.

“As clients become more technologically-savvy, our products must provide users with seamless connectivity to their devices, while optimizing sound performance and user experience in the environments they spend their time in. The Red Dot award is further recognition that we’re leading the way in the hearing health space,” said Senior Design Manager, Corey Banham.

With so much style and innovative technology packed into our hearing instruments, we make it look easy to have both brains… and beauty.