To ensure incoming calls are routed to the Bluetooth hearing aids, calls should be answered using the push button on the hearing aids.

It is possible that the call audio is not being routed to the hearing aids. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • When the phone call ringtone is heard, answer the call using the push button of the hearing aids instead of the phone. This will ensure the call is streamed to the Bluetooth hearing aids
  • Configure the Android smartphone to route the call to the hearing aid by default. See configuration options of the smartphone
  • During a call, the routing of the call can be changed from the phone handset to the hearing aids by following these steps:
  1. From the call screen, find the Bluetooth symbol.
  2. Tapping the Bluetooth symbol will switch the audio routing of the call to the hearing aids
  3. The caller should now come through the hearing aids

Other ways to address this are: 

  • Check reception on the smartphone and move to a location with better reception if necessary
  • During a phone call, the caller’s voice is picked up by the microphones of the hearing aids. Check the microphone ports on the hearing aids for debris. If there is debris, use a brush or cloth to clean the microphone ports.
  • In a very noisy environment, the hearing aids may have trouble picking up the caller’s voice. In such a case, relocate to a quieter environment or alternatively route the call to the phone and directly talk into the phone microphone normally
  • If this does not work, delete the pairing from the phone, reboot the phone and hearing aids, and then pair them again to the phone.

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