Our brilliant sound performance delivers successful fittings with high client satisfaction right from the start. Automatic adjustments balance sound quality while focusing on conversations. The experience is enhanced by our Made For All connectivity, accessories, and personalization options available in our app.

We deliver an adaptable and personalized hearing experience by combining powerful binaural communication and automatic optimization of sound performance.

When sounds enter the hearing aids, our automatic system optimizes the listening experience to each client’s specific situation, so they can follow the day where it leads. 

Trust our range of intuitive hearing aid accessories to solve meaningful problems and make the hearing experience even better.  

Life is about connections. Thanks to Made For All compatibility, your clients can conveniently stream phone calls and other media like music, podcasts and digital assistants right to their hearing aids.

With the Remote Plus app, your clients can choose how they hear their world. With quick and seamless navigation, making the adjustments needed in-the-moment is easy. From volume control to program selection to preset programs that can be selected and customized, your clients can choose how to personalize their experience.

Welcome to the Vivante experience from Unitron – where life is full and beautiful. Now every day is a great day to turn up the volume on life.