• deliver incredible sound performance?
  • fit easier, faster with more accuracy?
  • provide comfortable instruments with proven Li-ion technology?
  • ensure great care continues after the purchase?
  • provide data-driven insights for optimized listening experiences?
  • seamlessly connect clients to all kinds of favorite tech?

Unitron  provides life-enhancing experiences that both you and your clients will love. Designed for seamless integration, our hearing solutions  will empower you to “wow” your clients and attract new ones.

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We set the standard, and now we are raising the bar with how hearing instruments are designed. Our philosophy puts the wearer first, ensuring that the traditional pain points are removed; improving the hearing care experience for your clients. Our focus on aesthetics, comfort and intuitive functionality has earned us six Red Dot awards for product design.


Sound Performance

To provide an optimized listening experience, Integra OS accurately classifies sound and automatically adjusts to easily handle both complex and quiet listening environments.



First Fit

With Unitron, you will make a great first impression – thanks to our fast and unique first fit approach.



Blu Family

Our newest platform, Blu uses Integra OS to combine powerful binaural communication and automatic sound optimization for a listening experience like never before. .


Unitron’s suite of Experience Innovations help to personalize and optimize the entire hearing care journey from the first fit and beyond. They are designed to support you and your clients in two categories:  

Performance tracking features: Get insights to ensure your clients have a great listening experience.

Continuous care features: One-of-a-kind tools that provide you and your client peace of mind as the hearing journey continues.  

 Experience Innovations enhance the way you service your clients to make their hearing experience more personal and to nurture their loyalty.

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