Successful hearing care journeys are about more than comfortable products and advanced sound performance. From the first fit to ongoing support, every client deserves to feel confident that their hearing aids match their unique lifestyle. Our suite of Experience Tech Tools help you give your clients accurate, dependable and personalized listening experiences. 

How it works: FLEX:TRIAL lets clients experience amplification outside the clinic and in the real world where they live, work, and play before making a purchase. Thanks to Unitron’s open platform, you send them home with a free trial of the tech level you recommend so they know what to expect before buying.

Why you’ll love it: Less sales pressure during appointments means you can focus on what’s most important, like building strong relationships. In fact, 88% of Unitron customers say that FLEX:TRIAL makes it easy for clients to evaluate hearing instruments. 94% of Unitron customers agree fitting our products leads to high customer satisfaction1.

1Source: Sonova proprietary research. 2023. Project ID4661.

How it works: A fast and convenient workflow in Unitron TrueFit™ fitting software lets you provide clients with a baseline fit they feel confident about – in as few as four clicks. The First Fit workflow automatically configures the Automatic Adaptation Manager for new wearers or starts experienced wearers at full target.

Why you’ll love it: Impress clients from the first appointment while providing a comfortable experience that can lead to faster adoption and long-term success for new wearers. Bonus: You’ll spend less time configuring hearing aids and more time on valuable counseling. 

How it works: While nearly every hearing aid tracks information about usage, Log It All objectively records the amount of time clients spend in a number of listening environments – from quiet to complex – regardless of the technology level. 

Why you’ll love it: The real-life data captured by Log It All helps you to make evidence-based recommendations about the reasons a specific technology level is right for clients. And clients can feel confident that your recommendations are accurate and personalized to their lifestyle and listening needs. 75% of Unitron customers find that Log It All makes it easy to explain technology level recommendations to a client2

 2Source: Buzzback 2022

How it works: Ratings is available in our Remote Plus app. It lets your clients share in-the-moment feedback about their hearing experiences, both positive and negative. When a client makes a Rating, we also automatically capture hearing aid settings and the listening environment to provide more context. Our cloud-based system automatically analyzes the rating and hearing aid data and may generate a suggestion, right in the app, to help resolve issues for clients.

Why you’ll love it: Real-time performance feedback adds to the big picture of a client’s experience with their hearing aids, without putting them under pressure to remember events. 

How it works: There’s a lot to know when getting started with hearing aids, especially if it’s the first time. Coach extends care beyond the in-clinic appointment. It sends personalized, timely tips, reminders and advice through the Remote Plus app  on topics like how to charge, changing hearing aid batteries, cleaning, what to expect and more. Simply activate Insights in the Remote Plus app to kick-start the helpful notifications.

Why you’ll love it: Coach helps clients integrate hearing aids into their lives quickly and confidently. You get peace of mind knowing that when you aren’t available 24/7 Coach will be there to help them love the experience.

How it works: Remote Adjust lets you make fine-tuning adjustments in our TrueFit fitting software and send the changes right to your clients’ smartphone, no matter where they are. 

Why you’ll love it: Enjoy the freedom to apply changes whenever it’s most convenient for you – no video calls or appointments required. Your clients can apply updates confidently, knowing it won’t impact current settings. And they’ll be able to hear the difference right away. 

How it works: Getting new hearing aids is a big decision, and we can’t always predict how people’s needs will change over time. FLEX:UPGRADE™ lets you easily upgrade a client’s current hearing aids to a higher technology level any time their needs or lifestyles change. They keep their existing hearing aids and only pay the difference between technology levels. 

Why you’ll love it: 

78% of Unitron customers state that FLEX:UPGRADE is beneficial when clients listening lifestyle or listening needs change post purchase.

Upgrades are quick and easy using Unitron TrueFit fitting software during an in-clinic visit. You get the flexibility to address client needs while building trust and keeping them happy for the long term. Clients can feel at ease that they’ve made the right choice because you’re keeping their options open with FLEX:UPGRADE. 78% of Unitron customers state that FLEX:UPGRADE is beneficial when clients’ listening lifestyle or listening needs change post purchase.

How it works: Success Check allows you to view your client’s usage data, Log It All score, Ratings and more. Receive alerts to successes or barriers without the need to connect hearing instruments to fitting software.

Why you’ll love it: 
The advantage of staying informed about your client’s hearing journey helps with preparation for a follow-up appointment, or when responding to client concerns. Optional email notifications are available if there is an issue that we think might need your attention, like low wearing time or a low satisfaction score.