Welcome to the Vivante experience, where life is full and beautiful, and living and hearing exist in harmony.

Vivante is a Latin-based word that means ‘alive’.

We believe that when people with hearing loss are fit with Vivante products, they can live a colorful, vibrant life and experience the freedom and happiness of better hearing. In short, they can feel alive and live their lives to the fullest.

Vivante aims to bring the sounds of the good life right to a wearer’s ears, no matter where life takes them.

In the modern world, life experience is more than just in-person connections, where Vivante excels with our best sound performance yet, but also experiences with screens, and other digital media. 

Our Made For All compatibility and true hands-free technology allows your clients to connect to the streaming devices they want, when they want. Whether they are taking phone calls, streaming music or listening to podcasts, they can do it all directly through their Vivante hearing instruments using their favorite Bluetooth® capable devices. They are also able to connect to two devices simultaneously, ensuring that the process of engaging with their favorite media is a seamless one. 

We continue to offer RogerDirect and accessories like PartnerMic and TV Connector to further enhance listening experiences.

Ease-of-use has never been easier thanks to tap control, allowing users to control media, calls, and even virtual assistants with a double tap of the ear, making life easier, especially when they are on the move. Vivante is part of a connected lifestyle.  

With our suite of Experience Innovations and the Remote Plus app, you can help your clients thrive on their personal hearing journey by ensuring they get hearing instruments that meet their individual needs. 

Starting with FLEX:TRIAL, your clients can experience the benefits of the hearing device in their everyday lives before making the final purchase decision. 

Have peace of mind knowing that your clients hearing needs are being met based on real-world data thanks to our lifestyle analyzer, Log It All.  You can also stay connected with real-time Ratings and comments that alert you to your client’s successes and struggles.

Our Coach feature extends care beyond the in-person consultation and delivers personal tips and advice. With Remote Adjust, you can quickly make frequency response and adaptive feature changes on the go for clients. 

Finally, FLEX:UPGRADE allows you to upgrade to a higher technology level, which provides peace of mind knowing that you can meet your clients’ evolving hearing needs now and in the future. 

No matter the path that your clients choose to take, you can feel confident knowing that they can enjoy the sounds of the good life brought right to their ears with the Vivante platform.