In the past, the decision about what hearing instrument best suited a client was based on a brief conversation with a hearing care professional (HCP) about a client’s self-reported lifestyle. But today’s healthcare consumer expects more – their focus is on being an active participant in their health, seeking solutions that integrate seamlessly into their lives, and feeling confident about the choices and investments they make.

With the FLEX™ experience, only available from Unitron, you now have an opportunity to turn the traditional hearing care journey on its head.

It’s a stand-out solution that delivers the most flexible, empowering, and easy hearing experience. Ever. And, it impacts every step of the hearing care journey for both you and your clients. From the very first appointment, you can promote interactions that result in positive client emotions, increased acceptance, and successful hearing care experiences.

"My conversion rate increased from 36% to 76%, and my return rate plummeted from 66% to 26%." HCP, Colorado, USA

So, how does it work?

That first conversation about hearing loss isn’t always easy – for anyone. Your client may know they aren’t hearing as well as they used to, but they’re not convinced they are ready for amplification – or the investment that’s required. Today more than ever, clients want to know what they’re getting before making a decision. FLEX:TRIAL™, our try-before-you-buy solution, enables clients to experience amplification in real life, without the burden of making a decision or a financial commitment right away.

That’s right – your clients can experience the benefits of hearing instrument technology where they live, work, and play. The hearing instrument keeps of track of how long, and in what environments they’re being used, while your client provides in-the-moment ratings on the satisfaction of their listening experiences. You can review, assess and use this information to recommend the most personalized hearing solution.

This means you can impact the first step in their hearing care journey like never before. And at that ‘aha’ moment, when the technology seamlessly reconnects them with the life experiences they know and love, they’ll feel more confident investing in their hearing health. With FLEX, the hearing instruments pretty much sell themselves.

The trial period expires after a set time (we recommend a week or two) usually aligning with your client’s second appointment. Because you can use trial devices over and over, it minimizes the need to keep costly inventory on the shelf.

But it doesn’t stop there. We all know that hearing needs and lifestyles change over time. FLEX:UPGRADE™, unique to Unitron, enables you to provide a seamless transition to a higher technology level using the existing hearing instrument, as needed.

This changes the conversation. It’s no longer about selling a hearing instrument. It’s about empowering your clients with flexible, easy and future-proof options throughout their hearing care journey.

Smart and technologically savvy, today’s hearing care consumer does their research before making a decision, but ultimately, they count on you to provide the best recommendation. They know you know your business, but want to trust they are being assessed as an individual, and feel confident about how well you know them.

Using data, you can make evidence-based recommendations that reflect your client’s listening environments and preferences as they move through their regular routines. These insights boost understanding of client lifestyles, and empowers you to make hearing technology recommendations based on validated needs, habits and preferences.

Healthcare consumers want technology that helps solve their problems and keeps them connected to the experiences they love. If they have a suboptimal listening experience, they want you to know about it – and they won’t want to wait until their next appointment. With in-the-moment ratings, they simply pop open an app on their smart phone and rate their listening experiences. ‘Voices sound flat?’ Click. ‘Clear crisp conversations?’ Click, click, click.

You can proactively check in on your client’s experiences during the real-world assessment through the insights dashboard, and, you’ll receive an email alert if they complete three consecutive negative ratings. This gives you the opportunity to intervene and help ensure that their next listening experience is worth a five-star rating.

It’s a fast, easy, interactive way for you and your client to stay connected in the hearing care journey.

With FLEX, you have a way to empower your hearing care clients to invest in a solution that keeps you both connected to their hearing health. In fact, they’ll love the experience so much, they’ll want to talk about it. Isn’t it time to start a new conversation?

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