The amount of high frequency gain in the hearing instruments can be determined by a number of factors. Clinicians desiring more high frequency gain should ensure that the devices have been calculated to the desired target level using the Recalculate icon on the tool bar. The acoustics of the fitted hearing instrument(s) should also be configured in the software via the Instruments > Acoustics screen so that the calculation logic is appropriate. Also, should more gain be required, clinicians could navigate to the Fitting > Tuning screen and increase the Adaptation Manager setting in the Adaptation Manager box.

In addition, the reduction of available gain  can occur following the feedback optimization test, i.e. it can hinder the amount of available high frequency gain for a particular fitting. Clinicians should view the feedback optimization screen to determine whether the currently used coupling and acoustic characteristics of the fitting have resulted in a restricted maximum stable gain curve after the feedback test. If necessary, changing to a more occluded fitting could provide the ability to offer more high frequency gain.

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