Unitron hearing aids automatically adjust to keep up with your lifestyle. This way you can hear the sounds the good life has to offer. ​ 

Finding the right hearing aids is about more than just the results of your hearing test. Your lifestyle plays an important role too. Our technology helps you and your hearing care professional to find the best fit and supports you every step of the way. 

Our First Fit workflow starts you off with a great first fit, and Coach is there to guide you as you adjust to your new hearing aids, offering personalized, timely and useful tips, reminders and advice.  

Not ready to commit? Ask your hearing care provider about FLEX:TRIAL, trial devices that allow you to experience amplification in real-life before you buy.  

As you wear your hearing aids, Log It All gathers real-life data about your listening lifestyle so your hearing care professional can provide a more personalized hearing solution.  

You can also provide real-time feedback about your experience using Ratings, straight from your phone, so you don’t have to wait – or remember the details – until your next appointment. 

This information helps you and your hearing care professional to better understand your needs, lifestyle, and any challenges you’ve experienced so they can optimize your hearing aids just for you.   

We get it: hearing needs and lifestyles can change. That's why we make professional adjustments from your hearing care professional available in-clinic or remotely via Remote Adjust to ensure you make the most of your hearing aids, whether you're at home or on the go. 

What about the future? You can feel secure knowing you’ve made the right choice by keeping your options open. If your needs change, you can upgrade to more advanced technology with FLEX:UPGRADE. Simply pay the difference, no need to buy a whole new pair. What’s not to love?