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FLEX impacts every step of the hearing care journey, starting form the very first appointment - promoting better interactions that result in positive, successful experiences.

Hint: We make your life easier as well.


of patients who try Unitron’s FLEX
experience, buy.
Life is full of great conversations, every one different than the last. Now, thanks to our intelligent SoundCore technology, patients can make the most of them all.
Our group of four features work together to understand a patient’s listening environment, making the fluid adjustments needed so patients can actively participate in every conversation, across every environment.
SpeechPro lets patients understand speech, and know where it’s coming from, in the most challenging listening situations: conversations in noise and conversations in crowds.
How will your patients benefit? They will understand speech and know where it is coming from.
Spatial Awareness gets the hearing instruments out of the way so patients truly know which direction speech and other sounds are coming from.
How will your patients benefit? They enjoy a more natural, realistic sound experience with much less effort.
Nobody does automatic like Unitron. SoundNav precisely identifies and classifies signals into seven distinct environments, blending them to match real life. And it’s the only solution out there that has four environments dedicated to conversations.
How will your patients benefit? They experience automatic, seamless adjustments to naturally hear their best across all environments, including four unique types of conversation environments.
Once SoundNav performs its analysis and classification, Sound Conductor dynamically balances adaptive features to make speech sound clearer across each unique listening environment.
How will your patients benefit? They experience clearer speech and more natural listening everywhere.
Super-charged freedom has arrived with Max SP R – a
rechargeable solution for patients with severe-to-profound hearing
loss. It joins a family of hearing instruments that lets patients stay
in the conversation all day, every day. This means we can offer the
flexibility of rechargeable for every type of hearing loss.


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Looking to learn about hearing aid compatibility?
The award-winning design of the Moxi RIC (receiver-in-canal) family will get patients talking. The genesis technology inside will keep them in the conversation.
Fitting Super Power hearing instruments is now super easy with the arrival of Max, available on the Genesis platform. Me non paenitet nullum festiviorem excogitasse ad hoc. Plura mihi bona.
Driven by Genesis, our BTE (behind-the-ear) styles let patients take even the most challenging conversations in Stride.
Bring patients closer to the heart of conversations they don't want to miss with Insera, driven by Genesis.
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