Help more people every day

With Shine Rev+, you get a fast fitting workflow and high-performance technology thatʼs accessible to everyone. Plus a complete product family you and your clients will both be proud of.

It lets you help more people feel good. And when they feel good, you do too. Thatʼs the Shine Rev+ feeling. And itʼs all part of our promise to deliver a hearing experience everyone loves.

Our fitting workflow helps make your busiest days go smoother. It’s easy, quick and accurate, giving you the ability to do more of what you love every day – helping people hear better.

1. Access everything you need for a first fit in one place (with no need to toggle between multiple screens)

2. Provide precise fittings from the start with accuracy you can rely on

3. Help more clients in less time

With Shine Rev+, everyone can access hearing instrument technology that helps them hear more clearly, including those in the basic category.

Keep your clients focused on whatʼs important. AutoMic adjusts directionality without having to press any buttons.

Deliver comfort for loud sounds. AntiShock™ 2 reduces the discomfort caused by sudden loud noises (without completely removing the sounds or making them unrecognizable) to preserve speech comfort and clarity.

Give your clients clear speech and natural listening.
Sound Conductor balances adaptive features in every listening program.

Shine Rev+ features a full product family lineup of designs that feel good and look good. So you can present every client with comfortable, high-performance hearing instruments youʼre proud to offer, and theyʼre proud to wear.