Across the globe, the people most in need of a hearing care solution are often the ones who are least able to access it. At Unitron, we believe that everyone should have access to high performance technology that improves their lives. 

Right now, about 466 million people are living with a disabling hearing loss. While the resulting loss of productivity has an estimated $750 billion impact on the global economy1, the personal cost is also unacceptably high. Imagine not being able to fully engage in conversations with your friends and family, not to mention facing barriers at work. It’s no surprise that hearing loss can lead to social isolation and loneliness, as well as an increased risk for certain diseases such as dementia.

Unfortunately, people living in developing countries are the most affected by hearing loss, yet as few as 3% of them will get the help they need1. That need is going to escalate in the coming decades due to the overall aging of our population and people living longer.

With our new Shine™ Rev+ family of basic category hearing instruments, we’re going to help you change all that.

Affordability shouldn’t be a barrier to helping clients hear more clearly and comfortably. That’s why our Shine Rev+ hearing instruments offer proven sound performance features including:

AutoMic automatically adjusts directionality without having to press any buttons, helping your clients stay focused on what’s important. AutoMic detector monitors sound levels in the environment and switches between omnidirectional and directional microphones.

Sound Conductor offers your clients clearer speech and natural listening, making it easier to participate in conversations. Sound Conductor dynamically balances multiple adaptive features that enhance speech and reduce distracting background noise. Directionality helps clients understand where sound is coming from too.

AntiShock™ 2 reduces the discomfort caused by sudden, loud noises while preserving speech comfort and clarity. For instance, when a knife drops on a plate AntiShock 2 reduces the noise to a more comfortable level without affecting adjacent sounds such as speech.

DuoLink syncs settings on the left and right hearing instruments so that when a change is made on one side, it will apply to the other side too. 

The Shine Rev+ family offers a selection of receiver in canal (RIC), behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) options with clients’ needs in mind. Shine Rev+ fitting ranges include every level of hearing loss, from mild to profound.

HCPs will love the new technology too, thanks to a quick and easy new workflow for a more efficient, accurate first fit.

1 World Health Organization global estimates on prevalence of hearing loss, 2018