You always want the best for your clients, and 2020 has thrown more challenges at us than usual. Was your schedule already packed before you had to adjust to shortened hours, physical distancing and additional cleaning protocols? Are some of your clients reluctant to come in because they’re at high risk from the virus, or they’re juggling work and caring for children or loved ones?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, it wasn’t always easy for clients to get to your clinic for adjustments. Perhaps their busy schedules didn’t easily align with your clinic’s, or maybe they didn’t have access to reliable transportation. You might be a couple hours’ drive away, even though you’re the nearest clinic.

You want your clients to get the most benefit from their hearing solutions as possible, but what if they can’t get to the clinic for an adjustment? Remote adjust, available on the Discover Next platform, lets you offer asynchronous distance support for clients wherever and whenever it’s most convenient.

  1. You adjust the hearing instruments in our TrueFit fitting software and send the changes to your clients’ smartphone with a personalized message. (A new workflow in TrueFit will walk you through the process.)

  2. Your clients receive the push notification on their smartphone and applies the changes to their hearing instruments using the Remote Plus app*. (If needed, they can switch back to previous settings.)

Remote adjust is part of Insights, which can be enabled in TrueFit for each client, as usual. The client, in turn, activates Insights in the Remote Plus app.

Remote adjust lets you make gain offset changes – which modify the gain and compression ratio – for each program on your clients’ hearing instruments. You’ll be able adjust each environment in SoundNav as well as MediaNav environments, wireless programs (like Bluetooth telephone or Roger) and any manual programs already set up on the hearing instruments.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for solutions that work with their challenges and preferences. Remote adjust gives you even more flexibility in how you work with clients,” says Nicola McLaughlin, Director HI Business at Unitron. “You can continue to provide a high level of care even when they can’t or prefer not to come into the office.”

Remote adjust means you and your clients don’t have to be online at the same time. You can make adjustments – and they can apply them – whenever it’s most convenient. For instance, you’ll have the flexibility to make changes when there’s a gap in your schedule, or you can set aside time to address all of your clients’ adjustments at once.

If hectic and conflicting schedules weren’t challenging enough, reliable internet access is something many of us take for granted. Many people are facing bandwidth issues as work, education and social lives have collectively and suddenly shifted online. Frozen video feeds and garbled speech can be a frequent source of frustration. Remote adjust gives clients the flexibility to apply the changes when it is most convenient for them, no video call required.

While it won’t replace a full fitting, remote adjust can help you deliver high quality service regardless of challenging circumstances and changing expectations. (Not to mention saving time and resources.)

And we’re here to support you every step of the way.

*For the use of the Remote Plus app, Unitron hearing aids with Bluetooth® connectivity are required. The Remote Plus app works on Apple smartphones with iOS 12 or newer and Android smartphones with version 7 or newer.