If you wear glasses, we bet you put a lot of thought into choosing your latest pair. The right prescription is just a start – style and fit are important too, and they have to work with your budget. And if they’re your very first pair, you’re more likely to wear them if you feel comfortable and confident. 

Hearing care should feel great too, especially when many people face stigma surrounding hearing loss. After all, your clients will be more likely to accept hearing instruments (and enjoy the benefits) when they feel good about wearing them. Our new Shine™ Rev+ family of basic category hearing instruments are designed with comfort and style in mind.

With a complete portfolio of receiver in canal (RIC), behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) styles, you can feel confident in offering options that suit your clients’ needs. 

RICs are a rapidly growing segment in the basic category, and some regions could see an increased growth in the years ahead. Meeting this need takes more than sophisticated technology – we’re bringing our award-winning designs to the Shine Rev+ RIC. It’s small, stylish, comfortable and discrete with a 312 battery, push button controls and telecoil.                    

Three BTE styles are also part of the family. These styles include: 

Shine Rev+ ITE hearing instruments are custom-made to best fit each client, optimizing directional microphone performance to their unique ear shape. With half-shell and full shell options available, this discrete style is ideal for people who lead active lifestyles or who wear glasses or protective gear such as goggles.

In addition to style, Shine Rev+ RIC and BTE styles come in a choice of three colours , including beige, platinum and black, while ITE styles include beige, tan, cocoa, brown and black for a discrete fit.

Shine Rev+ fitting ranges include every level of hearing loss, from mild to profound. With our selection of styles and colours, there’s something to meet everyone’s needs and preferences. Clients can feel confident and comfortable wearing sophisticated technology that boosts their quality of life.

And when they feel good, you feel good too.