Even the latest hearing instrument technology hasn’t solved a big problem: 35% of those diagnosed with hearing loss don’t buy hearing instruments, at least not right away.1 That’s a lot of business walking out your door.

Maybe they’re convinced amplification won’t solve their problems. Or, perhaps they’re put off by the idea of wearing hearing instruments altogether. Now add a case of a sticker shock when they see the cost. Whatever the reasons, new clients face a lot of perceived barriers that prevent them from treating their hearing loss.

As a hearing care professional, you work to overcome these obstacles every day. But the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach to getting hearing aids can leave clients feeling anxious, skeptical and overwhelmed.

And, an even bigger challenge appears when you’re put in the role of salesperson, as well as hearing care professional.

So, how can we help you break down some of these barriers to patient acceptance?

The FLEX™ experience, only from Unitron, transforms the traditional hearing care experience into the easy, engaging and empowering experience that today’s consumers expect. It’s fueled by an ecosystem of technologies, services and programs designed to support you, and your clients throughout the entire journey. And that’s really effective for bringing down even the most stubborn barriers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what hearing care professionals have to say about the positive impact of the FLEX experience on their practices:

Q: If your client says…

A: Here’s how the FLEX experience can help

Q: “I’m not ready for hearing aids. Let me think about it.”

A: Let them experience the benefits first hand. From the first appointment, they can take home a set of hearing instruments to use in their everyday lives with FLEX:TRIAL™. (With no risk or obligation, of course — something 87% of clients consider beneficial2. )

Q: “I’m worried about what they’ll sound like.”

A: Your clients don’t live in the clinic — let them try the hearing instruments in the places where they spend time every day. with FLEX:TRIAL.

Q: “These cost so much.”

A: FLEX:TRIAL ensures clients don’t have to worry about upfront costs or even spend a dime to experience the benefits of hearing better. Once they hear the benefits of amplification, they are less susceptible to sticker shock.

Q: “How do you know this is the right solution for me?”

A: Take advantage of Log It All and Ratings, technologies that provide detailed, collaborative insights into where and how well your clients are hearing. Review this information together, and talk about the right solutions based on the data.

Provide peace of mind that their investment will last. You can change their technology levels when their hearing needs change — for a fraction of the cost of ordering a whole new pair with FLEX:UPGRADE™.

Q: “I’m ready. Can I have them today?”

(This isn’t so much a barrier, but having to wait for hearing instruments can cause a loss of momentum.)

A: No need to wait for orders – or risk them changing their mind. Clients can enjoy the benefits of better hearing right away with temporary devices to wear until their hearing instruments are delivered.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what hearing care professionals have to say about the positive impact of the FLEX experience on their practices:

  • 83% report an increase in the number of clients purchasing hearing aids2
  • 99% say FLEX:TRIAL improves the total client experience3
  • 82% report that the FLEX experience helps them fit higher tech levels2

Let’s face it: nobody wants to buy hearing aids. The barriers clients put in place are rooted in emotion and that makes them hard to overcome. The FLEX experience gives you a personalized approach for building confidence and trust with your clients. So, you can bring the benefits of amplification to more people’s lives.

1 Anovum (2017) Unitron Launch Monitor
2 Unitron FLEX survey, Anovum GmbH, 2014
3 Anovum (2017) Unitron Launch Monitor