Adaptive Directionality: Adaptive directionality (microphone strategy) maximizes effectiveness of noise attenuation for those situations where noise originates from a different direction than target speech signal.

Algorithms: Algorithms are the program, or actual code, that run in the hearing instrument.

AntiShock™ 2: AntiShock™ 2 is a unique-to-Unitron feature that provides optimized elimination of discomfort caused by sudden impulse noises to preserve speech comfort and clarity.

Audio Shoe: If your hearing aid features DAI, you will need to purchase an audio shoe and a connector cord from your hearing care professional before you can connect to external audio sources.

AutoFocusAutoFocus determines if speech coming from the front or another direction and adjusts the beamformer pattern accordingly.

AutoFocus 360: AutoFocus 360 quickly and accurately determines the direction from which the primary speech is coming and automatically steers the beamformer in this direction and adjusts gain corresponding to the identified direction are applied to preserve spatial cues.

Automatic Adaptation Manager (AAM): The Automatic Adaptation Manager allows for an automatic and smooth adjustment period for the client; providing the best possible first fit acceptance combined with maximum long-term benefit for speech understanding.

Automatic Performance: Clients can experience superior automatic performance with the optimal blend of 3 listening environments plus a unique specialized treatment of music.

Automatic Program: The Automatic Program is further enhanced by SmartFocus™, always at work in the background synergistically combining adaptive features for optimal speech intelligibility or comfort as the situation demands.

AutoMic: AutoMic works continuously in quiet environments in omni directional mode, providing clients with awareness and listening comfort.

Bass Enhancer: Bass enhancer provides additional low frequency gain boost in one easy software control.

Behind-The-Ear(BTE): When she was 12 years old, she tried her first set of behind-the-ear(BTE) hearing aids.
There are four main shell styles of hearing aids: completely-in-the-canal (CIC); in-the-canal (ITC); in-the-ear (ITE); and behind-the-ear(BTE).

Binaural Phone: Binaural Phone automatically streams audio into the non phone ear, allowing for binaural hearing while on a landline or mobile phone.

Blu: The Blu platform powered by the new generation Sonova PRISM™ (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) chip which offers double the memory of our previous chip.

Cap Dome: A cap dome is a new dome introduced with SDS 4.0.

CeruShield™: This piece explains how to replace your CeruShield™ wax guard.

Charger: The hearing aids will automatically switch off when inserted into the charger.

Charger Power Pack: The intended use of the charger power pack is to offer additional charge to compatible hearing aids, without plugging in the charging case into an outlet.

Chip: The chip is the hardware that provides the speed, memory, and capacity upon which our developers can create a strong platform.

Clarity: In the Remote Plus app, the clarity button is available to clients to temporarily boost the effects of features which enhance speech clarity within the automatic program only.

Classifier: Using Machine Learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence, we have been training our classifier for over 10 years. It now performs as accurately as a normal hearing young adult.

Client: Clients walking into a hearing clinic today have different expectations than they did a decade ago.

Coach: Offer your clients a built in Coach with the Remote Plus app.

Comfort: In the Remote Plus app, the comfort button is available to clients to temporarily boost the effects of features which enhance overall listening comfort within the automatic program only. Remote Plus is a new app with a modern design that prioritizes simplification and personalization.

Completely-in-the-canal (CIC): The removal handle assists in removing the completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids from the ear canal.

Consumer: Consumers today are more likely to do their own hearing aid research, before stepping foot into your clinic.

Conversation in loud noise: Conversation in loud noise is the new 8th environment.

360 car: The 360 car program automatically focuses on speech, regardless of where passengers are sitting.

360 conversation in car: 360 conversation in car is a new car program offered at the 9 level only.

cShell: Choose instant fit or custom cShell solution for enhanced comfort and cosmetic appeal.

Data Logging (Referred To As Usage Starting With Discover Launch): Data logging delivers detailed, real-world usage information that positions you to respond quickly and accurately to your clients’ observations.

Direct Audio Input (DAI): Your hearing aids feature direct audio input (DAI) that allow your hearing aids to be connected to other audio sources, such as a stereo, television, personal computer, or portable radio/CD player.

Direct Audio Input Battery Door Unit: Replace battery door with optional direct audio input battery door unit.

Driven by Tempus

Discover Next: Our Discover Next platform with FLEX revolutionizes the hearing experience for you and your clients.

DSL version 5: Both Quantum™ and Moxi™ can be fit using the DSL version 5 fitting formula. DSL v5

DuoLink: Use the DuoLink feature for automatic wireless user control synchronization between the two hearing aids.

Dynamic noise reduction: AutoFocus 360 applies our new dynamic noise reduction to further reduce interfering background noise for face-to-face conversations even in the most complex situations.
Note: “Dynamic noise reduction is not a separate stand-alone feature. It is part of AutoFocus 360 and should always be used in that context, not alone.

Earhook: Your custom made earmold attaches to you hearing aids using the earhook.

EarMatch™: The EarMatch™ modelling process optimizes directional microphone performance by compensating for individual differences in each client’s ear.

Earmold: Your custom made earmold attaches to you hearing aids using the earhook.

Ear Wax: There are two forms of human ear wax, wet and dry, determined by one specific gene.

Easy-DAI: A short melody will play to confirm that easy-DAI is active.

Easy Line™ Accessories: Easy Line Accessories should only appear as a logo and should not be used in the body of the text.

Easy-t: The hearing aid automatically switches to easy-t when the phone is answered.

Enhance speech: Clients can use the enhance speech option for manual programs in the Remote Plus app to adjust the strength of speech enhancement.

Faceplate: Contoured matte faceplate provides attractive cosmetics.

Feedback Management System: Feedback management system offers adjustable strengths to suppress various degrees of feedback and provides more usable gain.

FLEX TRACKER: With FLEX:TRACKER you can automatically track FLEX:TRIAL device assignments by client, including the trial start and end dates.

FLEX TRIAL™: FLEX:TRIAL lets clients try before they buy to instantly experience amplification outside of the clinic, in the places they live, work and play.

FLEX UPGRADE™: FLEX:UPGRADE addresses the fact that clients’ needs and hearing instrument requirements can change over time.

FM Compatible: Quantum BTE hearing aids are suitable for a range of hearing losses from mild to severe and are FM compatible.

Focus mic: Clients can use the focus mic option for manual programs in the Remote Plus app to adjust the strength of the directional beamformer and/or dynamic noise reduction within AutoFocus.

Frequency compression: Frequency compression provides better speech intelligibility.

Frequency compression 2: An adaptive non-linear Frequency compression 2 feature, that shifts sounds away from frequency regions that are not audible to the client and instead compresses them into an audible range improving awareness and speech intelligibility.

Frequency-Specific: By far the most important adjustable parameter is multi-channel amplification where frequency-specific output can be controlled.

Full Shell: Insera™ is available in a range of styles including behind-the-ear, full shell, half shell all the way down to completely-in-the-canal styles.

Half Shell: Insera™ is available in a range of styles including behind-the-ear, full shell, half shell all the way down to completely-in-the-canal styles.

Hearing Care Professional (HCP): If you are ready to seek help you can find a hearing care professional in your area.

Hearing Impaired: As a result, a microphone is required on both ears; however, all signals are again delivered only to the better hearing impaired ear. Unitron is committed to bettering the lives of people with hearing loss.

High-Frequency: Slim tubes are ideal for clients with high-frequency and mild to moderate hearing losses.

High Power: The performance of a specific digital high power hearing aid in pediatric fittings was evaluated in a controlled field trial.

HI-PRO: Select HI-PRO or NOAHlink to select your programming interface.

HI-PRO II: HI-PRO II is a hearing aid programming interface with a high-speed mode, enabling fitting software to communicate with the hearing instruments faster than the HI-PRO USB version.

Hybrid: The hybrid is a component in the hearing instrument which consists of multiple chips, processor, memory, and wireless packaged together.

HyperFocus: HyperFocus is a feature designed to improve SNR for face-to-face conversations in loud noise environments.

iCube II: iCube II is a cable-free programming device for wireless enabled hearing aids on the North and Tempus platforms.

Ideal Volume Indicator: Quantum™ offers additional features to make everyday use easier, including a wind noise manager, automatic telephone solution, and ideal volume indicator.

IIC (Invisible-in-the-canal): Insera IIC (invisible-in-the-canal) is suitable for fitting mild to moderately severe hearing losses.

IIC Remote Control: Clients can conveniently adjust volume or switch between programs with the IIC Remote Control.

Insera™: Insera family of ITE hearing aids provides the best directional performance in custom products by compensating for the differences in each client’s ear anatomy.

Insera™ B-312: Insera B-312 features the latest in sound performance, Made For All direct connectivity to Bluetooth enabled devices, and enhanced personalization.

Insera™ B-312 NW O: Insera B-312 NW O is a non-wireless custom hearing instrument with a 312 battery and optional telecoil.

Insera™ B-10 NW O: Insera B-10 NW O is a non-wireless custom hearing instrument that prioritizes small size for your clients who are motivated by discretion.

In-The-Canal (ITC): The shell styles include completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids.

In-The-Ear (ITE): The shell styles include completely-in-the-canal (CIC), in-the-canal (ITC), and in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids.

Insights: When you have the evidence to know what clients are experiencing and the insights to understand how they are feeling, you can confidently take action. That’s Insights and it’s only from Unitron.

Integra OS: Blu features Integra OS, the highly advanced signal processing system within our latest generation of hearing aids that delivers an adaptable, personalized, and freeing hearing experience like never before.

Intellivent Technology: IntelliVent technology, digital design and construction of eartip, earmold or custom shell optimizes acoustics for reduced occlusion and more natural sound.

Kneepoint: The fundamental characteristic of all compression circuits is threshold of compression referred to as the kneepoint.

Linear: Choice of WDRC or linear processing in each program.

Log It All: Log It All is an evidence based counseling solution that is in TrueFit.

Love the experience™: Get ready to Love the experience.™

Low-Frequency: Ideal for those who require more low-frequency gain where excessive venting would affect audibility.
If D-Adaptive or D-Fixed are chosen as the input, you can also adjust the Low-frequency Roll-Off.

Made For All: Stay connected to the world around you with Made For All technology that offers direct streaming from all your digital devices.

Max™: Max has purpose, its mission is to preserve and protect hearing health.

Max™ SP: Max SP is a Super Power BTE in a reliable/dependable design.

Max™ UP: Max UP is an Ultra Power BTE with a 675 battery designed to last.

Media: Media is a part of Integra OS. It allows the hearing instruments to classify streamed speech and streamed music.

MediaNav: MediaNav is a part of SoundNav 3.0. It allows the hearing instruments to classify streamed speech and streamed music.

Micro BTE (micro behind-the-ear) (M BTE): Quantum 20 micro BTE is suitable for fitting mild to severe hearing losses and can fit audiogram configuration ranging from reverse to precipitously sloping.

Micro CIC: Quantum micro CIC is suitable for fitting mild to moderately severe hearing losses.

Microphone mode: A range of microphone options is available ranging from Omni to adaptive directional with defaults set depending on technology level and automatic environment or manual program. With the microphone mode in TrueFit, hearing care professionals can see the adjustments made to the directional microphone settings by clients in manual programs.

Mini Canal: Quantum™ is also available in the mini canal style.

Motion Detector: Motion Detector determines if motion is a factor in the engagement of HyperFocus.

Moxi™: Moxi Jump R is a stylish RIC design with rechargeable ease.

Moxi™ B-R: Moxi B-R is our smallest lithium-ion rechargeable with direct connectivity.

Moxi™ B-RT: Moxi B-RT is rechargeable with telecoil and direct connectivity.

Moxi™ B-312: Moxi B-312 is our smallest RIC with direct connectivity and a traditional 312 disposable battery.

Moxi™ V-312: Moxi V-312 is our smallest RIC on the Vivante platform with direct connectivity and a traditional battery.

Moxi™ V-R: Moxi V-R is a sleek RIC device on our Vivante platform.

Moxi™ V-RS: Moxi V-RS is a sleek RIC device on our Vivante platform.

Moxi™ V-RT: Moxi V-RT is rechargeable with telecoil and direct connectivity.

Moxi™ R 2 Charger: Moxi R 2 charger is smaller than the previous RIC charger and provides easy insertion and removal of hearing aids thanks to the new magnetic insertion.

Moxi™ RS Charger: The Moxi RS charger is a new charger that supports Moxi V-RS hearing aids.

Moxi™ V-R/RT Charger: The Moxi V-R/RT charger is a new charger for Vivante RICs and supports Moxi V-R and Moxi V-RT hearing aids.

Moxi™ Fit: Moxi Fit has an all-new multifunction button that allows for more flexible functionality.

Moxi™ Jump R: Moxi Jump R has flexible rechargeability wrapped in award-winning design.

Moxi™ Jump R T: Moxi Jump R T will be referred to as Moxi Jump R with telecoil in marketing materials.

Moxi™ Move R: Moxi Move R hearing aids offer rechargeable freedom plus direct connectivity to all mobile phones.

Multiband Adaptive Directionality: Multiband adaptive directional system optimizes the most challenging listening situations with a range of directional strategies.

Multi-Channel: This means that the wearer of a multi-channel hearing aid may experience feedback peaks in several channels simultaneously while trying to talk on the telephone.

Music: Music is considered to be one of the key listening situations.

myInsights: MyInsights is a dedicated web portal that provides a complete snapshot of all clients with Insights activated. You can see a real-time view of Log It All data, as well as usage, ratings and satisfaction data.

MyMusic™: Enhancing the music listening experience, myMusic™ brings out the rich, full tones of music.

myUnitron: myUnitron is a website designed for hearing care professionals to give them access to a range of Unitron services.

Natural Sound Balance: An adaptive feature to minimize artifacts that can occur when amplified sound combines in the ear canal with direct sound. Natural Sound Balance continuously monitors these sounds and makes precision adjustments to preserve a clear, balanced signal.

NOAH: Run NOAH before beginning the translation process.

NOAH-Compatible: Quantum™ can be programmed using NOAH-compatible TrueFit™ software.

NOAHlink: Connect other end of the cable to the HI-PRO box or NOAHlink.

Noahlink Wireless: Noahlink Wireless is a HIMSA industry-standard programming device for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled hearing instruments like Moxi™ All.

Noise: Noise is considered to be one of the key listening situations.

Noise reduction: Noise reduction is one of the adaptive features clients can manage with the comfort-clarity control.

Omnidirectional: Automatically switches between omnidirectional and directional mode based on input level.

Open Fit: Moxi™ has all the benefits of an open fit.

PartnerMic: PartnerMic - This easy-to-use lapel worn microphone is ideal for one-to-one conversations in noisy environments or at a distance.
The PartnerMic is meant to be worn by the person you are having a conversation with.

Party: The Party program is designed to improve SNR for face-to-face conversations in loud noise environments.

Personalized Spatial Awareness: Personalized Spatial Awareness provides the opportunity for a more natural, realistic listening experience for those whose ear canal resonances differ from average KEMAR data.

Pinna Effect: Pinna Effect uses sophisticated calculations to create natural directionality.

Pinna Effect 2: Pinna Effect 2 restores natural acoustic cues providing a more natural, realistic listening experience.

Plasma Coating: Plasma coating is used on our Max BTEs to repel moisture.

Power Adaptation Manager: Power Adaptation Manager is a feature that takes a gradual, controlled approach to reducing gain to the ideal level to maximize speech intelligibility and provide long-term hearing protection.

Powerful Integrated Response: With powerful integrated response, each nuance of sound is amplified optimally in every situation.

Powered by Blu

Powered by Discover

Powered by Discover Next

Powered by Vivante

Precise Classification: Precise classification is no longer limited to a singular endpoint such as quiet or noise.

Push Button Volume Control: Your Insera™ ITE may come with a push button volume control.

Quick Fit: Simply quick fit based on industry-established fitting formulas and wearer validated default settings for your client’s hearing loss and actual listening environments.

Quiet: Quiet is considered to be one of the key listening situations.

Ratings: Ratings give you a direct window into how clients were feeling about their hearing instrument performance, exactly in the moment they were feeling it.

Reduce noise: Clients can use the reduce noise option for manual programs in the Remote Plus app to adjust the strength of noise reduction.

Remote adjustRemote Adjust lets hearing care professionals gain offset and adaptive feature changes whenever and wherever their clients are – without having to come to the office for an appointment.

Remote control: Remote Control - Let's your clients discreetly adjust volume and switch programs at their convenience.

Remote Plus App: Clients wearing our Discover and Tempus hearing instruments can use the Remote Plus app to share in-the-moment impressions.

Receiver-in-canal (RIC): Powered by Era™, every Moxi is a beautiful little RIC (receiver-in-canal), packed with technologies that deliver effortless listening in any situation.

Roger™: Clients can benefit from the proven performance of Roger™, in noise and over distance, with RogerDirect, which allows Roger microphones to stream directly to Discover Next hearing instruments.

RogerDirect™: Clients can benefit from the proven performance of Roger™, in noise and over distance, with RogerDirect, which allows Roger microphones to stream directly to Discover Next hearing instruments.

Roger Neckloop: Roger Neckloop is a universal receiver compatible with any hearing aid or cochlear implant with a T-coil.

Roger On™: Roger On is a microphone dedicated for all conversations that occur in background noise and over distance.

Roger Pen™

Roger Select™

Roger Table Mic II

SDS 4.0 (Sound Delivery Sys-tem 4.0): The new Sound Delivery System 4.0 offers high flexibility with a broad range of receivers and acoustic coupling options to fit every ear.

Severe-to-profound: Severe-to-profound is the category name for hearing loss clients with the most severe hearing loss.

Sleeve Mold: Quantum™ is available with an optional sleeve mold for both standard and power receivers.

Slim Tube: Satisfy a wider range of hearing losses – choose from slim tube open or standard earmold fittings.

SlimTip: Moxi Jump is available with an optional SlimTip custom ear piece

Soft speech lift: And make the subtle nuances of speech more pronounced so everyone - even soft-spoken people - are easier to understand with our new soft speech lift feature. Soft speech lift is the name for one of our new features launching with Discover Next.

SoundNav: SoundNav is an automatic program that identifies and smoothly transitions across environments, with a special focus on conversation types.

SoundNav 3.0: SoundNav 3.0 intelligently identifies and classifies sounds into seven key listening environments.

Sound Conductor: Sound Conductor dynamically balances the appropriate features, providing speech understanding and comfort while maintaining natural sound quality.

Sound Conductor SP: Sound Conductor SP is an optimized version of Sound Conductor with settings that have been validated to maximize benefit and satisfaction for those with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

SoundCore™: SoundCore technology makes conversations more enjoyable for your client.

Soundscape: The hearing instrument will match the soundscape that the wearer is in using a blended approach.

Sound Stabilization: Sound Stabilization includes a grouping of features that help make sounds more clean, comfortable and natural.

Spatial Awareness: Spatial Awareness restores natural acoustic cues providing a more natural, realistic listening experience.

Spatial Speech: Spatial Speech is a component of SpeechPro that reintroduces localization cues by adjusting the level of amplification in each ear.

Spectral Speech: A new fourth dimension of SpeechPro, Spectral Speech, was designed to help clients better understand words and emotions in complex listening situations.

Speech enhancement: With speech enhancement in TrueFit, hearing care professionals can see the adjustments made by clients in manual programs.

Speech Focus: Once speech is identified, Speech Focus steps in to apply the ultimate directional strategy to pull the speech out of the noise.

Speech In Noise: Speech in noise is considered to be one of the key listening situations.

Speech Locator: With Speech Locator at the core of SpeechPro it can find the speech clients want to hear and determine which direction it’s coming from.

SpeechPro: SpeechPro provides optimal speech understanding and localization from all directions, even in your most challenging environments.

SpeechZone™: SpeechZone is the new feature in Pro hearing instruments that automatically lets clients clearly enjoy conversations even in the toughest situations.

SpeechZone™ 2: SpeechZone 2 is activated when speech is present in a noisy environment. It uses binaural spatial processing to pinpoint speech within 360 degrees. SpeechZone 2 then responds intelligently to provide the best speech understanding, automatically and seamlessly.

Streaming Programs: Quantum™ BTEs come equipped with three manual and three wireless streaming programs.

Stride™: Stride delivers a big step forward in client-friendly design.

Stride™ M: Stride M offers big performance in our smallest 312 BTE ever, while carrying on the family values of client-centric design.

Stride™ P: The inspired design of this Stride™ P puts control at their fingertips with an innovative push button and volume control.

Stride™ B-PR: The Stride B-PR is a lithium-ion battery powered rechargeable hearing instrument that features Made-For-All direct connectivity to Bluetooth-capable devices as well as tap control for easily managing phone calls and streaming.

Stride™ P R: The Stride P R features stylish design, easy to use Li-ion rechargeability and is made for all phones.

Stride™ PR: The Stride B-PR is a lithium-ion battery powered rechargeable hearing instrument that features Made-For-All direct connectivity to Bluetooth-capable devices as well as tap control for easily managing phone calls and streaming.

Stride™ V-PR: Stride V-PR is our rechargeable BTE on the Vivante platform.

Stride™ UP: The Stride B-UP is our Ultra Power BTE, it has a telecoil and traditional 675 battery.

Super Power: Moxi™ is available with an optional super power receiver.

Super Power pre-sets: Super Power pre-sets is a fitting software feature that allows the HHCP to select from 3 different starting points, each representing a different ‘flavor of sound processing + directionality + gain to address the diverse needs of the severe-to-profound population.

Tempus™: The sound from Tempus™ is the most natural and realistic we’ve ever delivered.

Tinnitus Masker: Unitron’s tinnitus masker is a noise generator, intended to provide a sound enrichment source that stimulates the auditory system.

TV Connector: Moxi™ All will connect with the TV Connector for easy, beautiful sound quality from TVs and other audio devices.

uAudio: uAudio activates streaming program when signal is received from FM transmitters or wired audio inputs using the uDirect.

uControl™: uControl allows you to take control of programs and volume through a smartphone or smart device.

uControl™ 2.0: uControl 2.0 app is a mobile accessory for your hearing aids.

uDirect™ 3: Hear companions more easily in challenging environments with this personal wireless microphone system that streams audio to both hearing instruments though the uDirect 3 or the uStream.

uFM: Quantum’s streaming programs include uAudio and uFM for specific inputs.

uHear™: Bring more clients to your clinic with the uHear™ Kiosk, the interactive screening app for hearing.

Ultra Power pre-sets: The Ultra Power pre-sets can minimize hassle and maximize speed of fitting. You can switch between three different types of fittings, and TrueFit will automate all of the necessary adjustments, making it easier for you to meet the needs of your clients.

uMic™: uMic is a personal wireless microphone system that lets clients more easily hear their companions in challenging listening environments.

Unitron TrueFit™ software: Unitron’s hearing instrument programming is done in the, Unitron TrueFit™ software, putting all the tools you need for a successful fit at your fingertips.

uStream: uStream allows you to experience stereo sound through easy, more discreet connectivity to wireless devices.

uTV™ 3: uTV 3 is for people who want to control their hearing instruments and enjoy long periods of stereo streaming from their entertainment devices, like the TV.

Vented Dome: The vented dome style from the SDS 4.0 is used on Moxi Fit.

Vivante™: Our new platform, Vivante™ offers innovations in all 3 Unitron brand pillars: Devices designed for life, sound performance and Experience Innovations.

Volume Control: The rotary dial or scroll wheel on your hearing aids can be set up as either a volume control, or comfort-clarity control.

Waxguard: Clean hearing aids and, if possible, replace the waxguard.

Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC): Two channels with wide dynamic range compression circuitry that is independently adjustable for each channel.

Wind Control: Stride’s adaptive wind control detects and adapts to the presence of wind.

Wireless Technology: Wireless technology keeps you connected.

xReceiver: When attaching the power dome to the power xReceiver unit, hold the xReceiver unit in one hand and the power dome in the other hand.

The Unitron support team is here to help. Learn more about important topics and find resources that will help you with all of your Unitron products.