FLEX:TRIAL is a stand-out solution that lets you forget about the sales pitch and focus on building rewarding relationships with your clients.

Traditional hearing assessments only happen in the clinic, a place where clients hardly ever spend time. After that assessment, clients are expected to make a decision to purchase a hearing solution they had never worn before and that they often can't take home on the same day. The process was broken, and the evidence was the unhappy clients and numerous hearing instruments returned every year. More than a third of newly-diagnosed clients with hearing loss wouldn’t even make a purchase at all.1 Something had to change.

A trial allows clients to experience the benefits of amplification in the real world, risk-free, without commitment. It’s as easy as that. In fact, 99% of hearing care professionals say that FLEX:TRIAL improves the total experience for clients.2

Whether they’re at a bustling restaurant or in the peace of their own home your clients can hear for themselves the difference that a hearing solution makes. Life doesn’t sound the same every day, A real-world hearing assessment shows clients what they will be able to hear, rather than just confirming what they can’t hear.

It’s easy for you too, since you can program these hearing instruments to different technology levels, removing the burden of keeping a huge stock on-hand.

It’s just common sense to try before you buy. 88% of people with hearing loss considered a trial period beneficial, and 60% considered a take-home trial to be very beneficial, especially those aged 50-59 years.3

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3 Unitron survey, 350 people.