Wherever life takes them, you want your clients to enjoy an exceptional experience, one that helps them get the most out of their hearing instruments. Today’s clientele is more tech-savvy than ever and you can make an amazing first impression with SoundCore™ – a highly intelligent signal processing system that provides the natural listening experience clients want starting at the first fit. And our newest platform, Discover Next, enhances SoundCore with unique features that improve your clients’ ability to hear from every direction around them and make hearing in noise, hearing soft voices and hearing the subtle nuances of speech even easier.

What’s behind this unique capability? It’s our world-class sound processing. SoundCore, our signal processing engine, combines four powerful technologies to provide a human-like listening experience. SoundNav 3.0, Sound Conductor, Spatial Awareness, and SpeechPro all work together to help people hear more clearly and comfortably in every conversation, in every environment. And the new Discover Next features - soft speech lift and Spectral Speech - further enhance the listening experience.

See how Discover Next delivers this unique experience:

The most natural listening experience happens when hearing instruments automatically respond to the current acoustic environment – with no manual adjustments required. Typically, people with age-related hearing loss want to hear like they did when they were younger. We’ve been using machine learning – a branch of artificial intelligence – to train SoundNav 3.0 to classify sounds as effectively as a 20-year-old person with normal hearing. And after more than ten years, nobody does it better than us.

When sounds enter the hearing instruments, SoundNav intelligently classifies them into 7 key listening environments: quiet, conversation in quiet, conversation in a small group, conversation in a crowd, conversation in noise, noise, and music. Because the places clients work and play are often complex, SoundNav dynamically combines these environments to create thousands of possible combinations – allowing the hearing instruments to seamlessly adjust as the soundscape changes.

Even music sounds amazing. In some hearing instruments, technology that’s optimized for speech falls flat when it comes to the richness and complexity of music. But because music is a dedicated environment in SoundNav, clients can enjoy an immersive experience that recaptures the pleasure of their favorite songs – and the settings can even be personalized to suit their preferred genres.

Next, Sound Conductor uses information about the environment to dynamically balance multiple features to reduce unwanted and distracting background noise, providing excellent quality and comfort and making speech clearer and easier to follow.

  • Speech enhancement increases the volume of voices, making it easier to hear people talking. Discover Next introduces soft speech lift which provides an added boost to people speaking softly in quiet environments.
  • Noise reduction reduces distracting background noise to make listening more comfortable.
  • Directionality improves the signal to noise ratio.


Spatial Awareness helps put sounds in their place. Using a 4-microphone strategy, crucial cues normally lost in other hearing instruments are preserved, to acoustically separate sounds so clients can more accurately perceive their source.  

Conversations can be hard to follow, especially in noisy environments. And your clients don’t want to miss a thing. Our most advanced feature, SpeechPro, now has a fourth dimension called Spectral Speech that improves speech perception, so your clients can converse with confidence even in challenging listing environments.

It starts with Speech Locator, which uses the microphones in both hearing aids to determine where speech is coming from. Then, Speech Focus directs the focal area towards the speech and dynamically adapts to its source.

Spatial Speech, restores those subtle localization cues with dynamic gain adjustments – a feature not available in other directional microphone systems. Spectral Speech applies speech enhancement based on where the speech is coming from to provide even further contrast between speech and noise.

With Bluetooth, clients can wirelessly stream video, music, audiobooks and podcasts to both of their hearing instruments from any device – no additional accessories needed. When streamed media is detected, MediaNav automatically classifies the sound as either music or speech and adjusts the sound accordingly to offer an optimized experience.

Plus, your clients can take calls hands-free from their choice of smartphone – ­to both ears.

With SoundCore’s powerful combination of features, clients will enjoy stellar sound performance that helps them hear what truly matters. Now that’s getting to the heart of every conversation.