Put yourself in your client’s shoes: you walk down the street, enjoying nature as your hearing instruments stream your favourite song from your phone. Suddenly, your phone rings. You accept the call with a quick press of the button on your hearing instrument. You hear the voice of the caller, greeting you on the other end. As you continue to walk and talk, the microphones on the hearing instruments pick up your voice. As the conversation closes, you end the call, your song resumes, and you walk along, all without ever removing your phone from your pocket. 

Seems simple right? Stereo media streaming directly to both ears? Yes. Truly hands-free calling? You bet. Made for all phones?1 Check. Our hearing instruments fit seamlessly into the lives of your clients. It doesn’t get better than this.

For years, truly hands-free calling in hearing instruments was an unrealized dream in the industry. Instead, there were solutions that used the phone’s microphone and required users to hold the phone to their mouths for speech. Over all, there were many partial solutions that did not enhance the client experience or integrate their hearing instrument fully into their lives. 

With our latest’s technology, wearers enjoy direct binaural sound, and the microphones in their hearing instruments picks up their voice so there’s no need to hold the phone, let alone be in the same room as it. Calls can be answered, carried out, and ended all using the button on the hearing instrument - a seamless connection to phone and hearing instruments through Bluetooth, no accessories required.

When speaking on their direct connectivity experience with our hearing instruments , 100% of participants rated their impression highly and reported that hands-free calling was helpful in their everyday life.2

How do we do all this? How do we create high-quality sounding hearing solutions, that connect seamlessly through Bluetooth?

Our hearing instruments use the third generation Sonova Wireless One Radio Digital or SWORD™ chip, which enables direct connectivity to all Bluetooth compatible phones and allows for the streaming of high-quality stereo audio from digital media sources to both hearing instruments. 

With hearing instruments on the Discover Next platform, clients can connect to 4 devices - 2 Bluetooth® devices (phones, tablets) as well as 2 TV Connectors. 

Despite far more people using Android products compared to Apple34, most hearing instrument technology on the market has been designed to stream directly to iOS devices only. Why? Android presented a binaural streaming problem, and Apple offered a proprietary solution that made setting up Bluetooth connectivity simple but did not allow connectivity with Android. With SWORD, we conquered the challenges provided by Android connectivity by using standard Bluetooth protocols and can now offer hands-free calling on any Bluetooth compatible phone.

No more worrying about matching hearing instruments to client phones, needing accessories for Android phones or telling clients they’ll have to purchase phones based on limitations of their hearing instruments. 

Wearers also get the benefit of streaming music and media directly from their mobile phones into their hearing instruments. All with fantastic stereo sound. 

Music and media sound great, thanks to SoundCore, our signal processing system. SoundCore uses artificial intelligence to perfect the hearing experience – including the ability to detect music and optimize the hearing instrument processing to produce the highest quality sound. Wearers streaming music rated the clarity an 8.8/10 in quiet, and 8.2/10 when in background noise. SoundCore applies the same processes to streamed content and classifies a signal as music or speech and adjusts accordingly to produce excellent stereo sound streamed to both ears of the wearer.

Available with a telecoil option on Moxi™ Jump R for those who attend accessible public venues or use landline telephones. 

At Unitron, we are all about creating an experience that your clients will love. Hearing instruments on the Discover platform offer truly-hands free connectivity to both ears with all phones[1], with great sound quality, 86% of wearers love the sound of Discover. Improve the experience for your clients and feel confident that you are offering a solution that fits perfectly into any lifestyle and sounds great.

1 Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with a compatible Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile
2 Discover Field Trials
3 According to Statista 2018 data
4 Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
5 Discover Field Trials