Did you know that it takes an average of seven years for people to seek help with hearing loss?1 We understand the hesitancy you’re probably feeling. It can feel like a big step – to accept your hearing loss diagnosis and decide on a solution, all in that first appointment. But, here’s the good news! Our approach to hearing care makes it comfortable and stress-free to get started today.

We’ve designed a hearing care experience that is easy and personalized just for you – a first-time hearing aid wearer. We’ve made the initial steps simple – with a comfortable initial fitting and a free, no-pressure trial that you can take out into the real world. We want you to love the experience, so you can get on with doing what you enjoy.

Hearing loss is individual, including your unique listening environments. The wide variety of places and situations in which you carry out your day-to-day activities can be difficult to capture and articulate in one appointment. Because it’s challenging to get this full picture of your hearing requirements right away, we focus on your comfort to start – with a sound quality and level you can appreciate from minute one. 

But there’s another reason why focusing on comfort is so important when you start out with hearing aids. Changes to your hearing are usually gradual (occurring over years) and so improvements to your hearing need to happen in much the same way. We start you off with an amplification level that we know you are ready for, as a new user.

So, as we learn more about your true listening environments and your auditory system adjusts, we move you automatically and seamlessly toward your optimal hearing level.

It’s normal to be curious about the sound quality you’ll experience. You’ll be happy to learn that our advanced SoundCoreTM processing system delivers the most superior, humanlike sound available. Our system is natural and seamless – just like a young adult with healthy hearing.

In the first few weeks, our technology works behind the scenes to make your transition to optimal hearing seamless. During your free trial, the devices automatically collect data about your real listening environments; your hearing care provider can use this information to customize your hearing aid solution. Plus, the automation built into your hearing aids reintroduces more diversity and range of sounds as your auditory system naturally adjusts.

A common concern at your first appointment is how your new hearing aids will look and feel. Our advanced devices are surprisingly discrete, lightweight and comfortable, and many people have told us, “I hardly know it’s there!” In addition to sleek styles and multiple color options, our latest devices connect to virtually any smartphone or tablet2 for hands-free calling and for streaming digital media.

No one wants to buy something expensive without trying it out or at least reading some solid reviews. And with hearing loss being so personal, it’s tough to rely on someone else’s opinion. FLEX:TRIAL eliminates any anxiety about making a financial commitment on something so new to you. During your first appointment you start a free trial period – you are fitted, and you go!

And while you are out and about enjoying improved hearing, we are gathering information and using it to tailor your hearing solution just for you. This real-world assessment takes the guesswork out of your needs and reduces the number of appointments you’ll need to optimize your technology level. Did you think it could be this easy?

There’s no reason to put off taking that first step on your hearing care journey. Why wait any longer to regain the moments you’re missing out on? We’ve made it easier than ever to get started with first fit comfort, natural sound and a free trial with no pressure to buy at your first appointment. Get started, you’ll love the experience!

1 Diana Herzog, audiologyonline.com - Attracting First-time Users: An Insight-based Marketing Approach: Sheena Oliver, Au.D., MBA, Mary Porath, Au.D., Nancy Palmere, B.S., & David Roback, M.Ed.1 HCP FLEX program survey, USA, 2018

2 Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with compatible Bluetooth connectivity