Research tells us there are 111 details1 to remember for hearing instrument care and maintenance. Add to that learning how to use a brand-new digital health device and, well, you know how it goes. How much time do you spend repeating instructions or troubleshooting preventable issues instead of counseling on hearing health itself? It can be trying for everyone and the last thing you want is for clients to stop wearing their hearing instruments entirely. 

The coach feature on the Remote Plus app empowers your clients with personalized, timely, helpful tips and advice. Plus, when clients use the app, you get Insights in Unitron TrueFit™ fitting software into their usage, acoustic lifestyle, and experience – including notifications that let you know how they are doing.

Do you sense that clients often seem overwhelmed after a first appointment when they leave your office with their new hearing instruments? If you could pop a speech bubble over their heads it might read “What am I going to do once I’m home! I’ll never remember all of this!” And you would be right! Clinical research reports that up to 90% of hearing aid owners demonstrate difficulty with basic hearing aid management tasks and almost 50% self-report not receiving enough help from their clinician1. Imagine empowering them by downloading the Remote Plus app right in your office and letting them know it reinforces your instructions and sends them personalized tips about their new hearing instruments. That’s a different feeling. It’s confidence. And you’ll feel it too.

Coach pushes timely notifications that help clients become accustomed to their hearing instruments. For example, on day one Remote Plus app users get a prompt to charge their device or after two weeks a reminder to check their wax guard and how to clean it. And we’ve made the information intuitive and simple - using video, graphics and text. The coach feature simplifies and improves the entire experience for clients by helping them learn as they go.

Of course, the Remote Plus app is an easy way for clients to submit ratings, control volume and change programs, too. 

When your clients become more self-reliant in managing their hearing instruments, your follow ups can focus more on hearing care. Coach not only frees you from frequent reinforcement of instructions, it also lets you offer proactive care with data available in Insights in Unitron TrueFit fitting software. Here’s how coach works. A client receives a notification on their smartphone, inviting them to open the Remote Plus app to learn more. Once the app is open, it gathers the latest hearing instrument data and sends that to you. Now you can see how they are doing outside of the clinic, through usage and overall satisfaction data. In the app, clients can also make use of other tools, like ratings. These insights help you better understand their experiences and provide the chance to intervene before their next appointment, if necessary.   

There’s no substitute for this real-world insight or the confidence it gives you to provide hearing care experiences clients will love. When you understand the problem, you can offer the right solution. For example, we know that people often have difficulty accurately recalling and articulating how, when and where they experienced difficulties. Using Insights, you can have collaborative conversations based on real data - so you and your clients have confidence in the adjustments you make. 

To get started, first enable Insights in TrueFit 4.2 for your client and then help the client download and set up the Remote Plus app on their smartphone. No one can remember it all right away. But coach can help!

1 Bennett, R. J., Meyer, C. J., Eikelboom, R. H. & Atlas, M.D. (2018b). Investigating the knowledge, skills, and tasks required for hearing aid management: perspectives of clinicians and hearing aid owners. American Journal of Audiology 27:67-84.