It isn’t always easy to get to the hearing clinic. Maybe it’s your busy schedule that makes it challenging to find time for an appointment, or you live hours away from the nearest clinic. Maybe you’re relying on others for a ride, or health and accessibility considerations make you hesitant to go in for adjustments.

And that was before the COVID-19 pandemic upended our “normal” lives. Now more than ever, we’re seeing businesses adapt to changing needs by offering new services and adjusting their approaches. Contactless payment, curbside pickup and more stores moving online are just a few of the changes now part of the “normal for now.”

Whatever challenges society is facing, you still deserve to get the most benefit from your hearing aids. When you can’t get to the hearing clinic for some fine tuning on your hearing aids, our remote adjust solution brings the adjustments to you wherever and whenever it’s convenient.

Rather than making a trip into the clinic, the whole process can be managed by your hearing care provider and the Remote Plus app on your phone.  

  1. Your hearing care professional makes the adjustments and sends the changes to your smartphone.

  2. You receive the message and apply the changes to your hearing aids using the Remote Plus app* whenever you’re ready. 

And if you aren’t satisfied with the changes, you can easily revert to the previous settings.

“Businesses are rapidly adapting in response to customer needs, and we know hearing care should be part of that too,” says Shaun Coghlan, Senior Product of Manager eSolutions at Unitron. “With remote adjust, we’re making it possible to receive the high level of care you’re used to without the worry of trying to get into the clinic.”

With remote adjust, you and your hearing care professional can each do your part in different times and places. You won’t need to juggle schedules with your hearing care professional, especially if they’re working reduced hours.

And no need to deal with internet bandwidth issues – who hasn’t been frustrated by frozen video feeds and garbled speech as we’re all doing more online these days? Whether you make updates over your morning coffee or at bedtime, you can still access a high level of hearing care outside of in-person appointments at the clinic.

Remote adjust is part of Unitron’s new Discover Next platform, and is available for a wide range of hearing aids. You can choose from a variety of styles and models, whether you prefer the popular receiver-in-canal style, a behind-the-ear style, or an in-the-ear model.

While you work with your hearing care professional to find a hearing solution that’s right for you, we’ll help make sure ongoing care and support meets your needs too.

*For the use of the Remote Plus app, Unitron hearing aids with Bluetooth® connectivity are required. The Remote Plus app works on Apple smartphones with iOS 12 or newer and Android smartphones with version 7 or newer.