We all have that favorite restaurant, that cozy place with the perfect atmosphere where the staff know your favorite dish. But you’re not always going to get, “your table.” And if you do find yourself on the patio, your conversation can sometimes compete with honking cars, barking dogs and anything a street can throw at you. 

A spontaneous meal out on the town could land you in any number of unexpected listening environments. Moxi™ Blu, the latest in a family of hearing solutions from Unitron, is designed to help you plan for any circumstance while also giving you the power to make adjustments in real-time.

So, whether your favourite place is a rowdy pub, or a quiet cafe, you’ll be prepared to get the most out of any night out. 

For instance, you’re not giving up on that favorite patio just because of the new construction across the street. Using our Remote Plus app on your mobile device you can reduce the noise of clanging machines across the road, and focus on what matters most, the conversation across the table.

We all love quality time in the comfort of our homes, with Moxi Blu you can bring added excitement and entertainment to any room in your home as it integrates smoothly into your digital home environment.

With made-for-all technology, Moxi Blu can stream media directly to your hearing aids from virtually any connected Bluetooth device. Listening to a podcast while out on a walk or listening to your favorite music, you can enhance the sound quality of the tunes you’re enjoying with an equalizer for adjusting bass, mid and treble.

Thanks to state-of-the-art tap control a gentle double tap to the ear activates hands-free calling, pauses and restarts your entertainment and let’s you access your virtual assistant.

Whether you’re at your favorite table, out for an evening stroll or nestled on the couch binging the latest TV series, the personalization and connectivity of Moxi Blu is right there with you, delivering sound tailored to your lifestyle.