From digital records to health-related apps, data is revolutionizing the health care experience – and allowing people to make more informed decisions about their health with their care providers.

And hearing care is no exception. The more you know about your clients’ lifestyle and experiences, the more personalized the solution– and the more likely they will be to not only accept hearing aids, but enjoy using them. We’ve enhanced Insights on our Discover platform to help you better understand your clients’ experiences – and offer personalized solutions they can’t get anywhere else.

With FLEX:TRIALTM, your clients can take home a set of hearing instruments to use in the places they work, live and play. During this real-world assessment, our four data innovations in Insights keep you connected to how the hearing instruments are performing as well as the satisfaction level of your clients

While your clients try a new hearing solution, Usage automatically collects data about how the hearing aids are performing. You can see how long they wear the hearing instruments, the amount of time your client spends in each program, and any volume adjustments that are made.

But we know context is everything. Exclusive to Insights, Log It All classifies and tracks the amount of time your client spends in seven different listening environments, regardless of the hearing instrument’s technology level.

This quantitative data gives you a true picture of your client’s listening lifestyle, empowering you to make recommendations based on evidence. It’s no surprise that 78% of HCPS reported that Log It All allowed them to be more proactive in counselling their clients.1

The best time for you clients to share feedback is while they’re using the hearing instruments, not weeks later. With Ratings, a feature on our Remote Plus app2, you won’t need to wait until their next appointment to find out how your clients feel about their hearing experience. During this real-world assessment, they can submit in-the-moment impressions of their listening experience easily and conveniently.

When your client submits a rating, positive or negative, this feature collects the hearing instrument settings to give you context. The system can even analyze the rating and generate a suggestion to help resolve the issue, pushed right to the app.

“Now your clients have a direct channel while they are out in the field, while they are at a restaurant, while they are talking to family and friends, to send feedback and information directly to their HCP to say ‘hey, this is where I am having really good experiences, and this is where I am struggling,’” says Shaun Coghlan, Senior Product Manager at Unitron.

In addition, you can prompt them for more information with an Overall satisfaction email survey that asks them to rate how satisfied they are with their hearing aid, on a scale from 1 to 10. If their response is 6 or lower, follow-up questions can help you target trouble spots where there’s opportunity to improve their experience – and it’s all delivered to your inbox.  

Even better, you can spot those highly satisfied clients who could help grow your business with referrals.

Data is only as good as your ability to access it and apply it to your practice. Our Unitron TrueFit™ software lets you see all your client’s data, all in one place. At a glance, the Insights Overview screen gives you a picture of your client’s listening lifestyle and in which environments they are having positive or negative experiences, allowing you to save time personalizing their hearing instruments. And because Insights is powered by a cloud-based system, you know the data is always current.

But, you don’t need to check every client’s individual file to see how things are going. Our dedicated and secure website myInsights offers you a high-level snapshot of all your clients, making it easy for you and your staff to identify which clients are having a great experience and which ones could use some more support. You can use it to prepare for the day, or reach out to clients in between face-to-face appointments.

“Now you can get data in real time during that real-world assessment so you can understand what’s happening and proactively reach out to your client if they need some counselling,” says Coghlan. “At their next appointment, you’re prepared to fine tune the instrument for the best and most personalized experience for that person.”

It doesn’t end when the trial is over. Insights will continue to capture this key information to help identify changes in lifestyle or hearing needs.

Because the most effective decisions are based on data, Insights makes it easy and efficient for you to recommend and fine tune a hearing solution that’s right for your clients.

1 HCP FLEX program survey, USA, 2018

For the use of the Remote Plus app, Unitron hearing aids with Bluetooth® connectivity are required. The Remote Plus app works on Apple smartphones with iOS 10.2 or newer and Android smartphones with version 6 or newer.