Your Bluetooth hearing aids automatically connect to the TV Connector if:

  • The TV Connector is connected to an audio source
  • The audio source is switched on
  • You initially paired your hearing aids to the TV Connector
  • You are within range of the TV Connector
  • Your hearing healthcare professional turned the auto-connect feature on.

The following are reasons why the TV Connector may not connect to your hearing aids anymore:

Reason 1:

While watching TV and streaming to your hearing aids, you may have pressed the push button on your hearing aids to stop streaming from the TV Connector and switch to the automatic program.  The TV Connector program is still available in the background if you stay within the range of the TV Connector.

If this is the case, press the hearing aid push button again to return to the TV Connector program. 

Reason 2:

If there is a very long period of silence (or low volume) from the TV, for instance during a snooker game, the TV Connector will stop transmitting after 45 seconds. If you enter the room at this moment, your hearing aids may not connect to the TV Connector right away.

If this is the case, wait until there is sound again. The hearing aids should switch to the TV Connector program automatically. 

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