Wireless hearing aids on Discover Next and newer platforms offer RogerDirect which enables usage of Roger Microphones without the need for any additional hardware after purchase and installation of the receivers.

Most other Unitron hearing aids are compatible with all leading FM systems i.e. SmartLink, Zoomlink, Roger to name a few. For those FM fittings using standard BTE devices, and universal audioshoes, the FM receiver can be plugged into the audioshoe using the standard 3 pin europlug. The clinician would need to add a DAI program via the Fitting > Program Manager screen. Should a neckloop-type FM system be used, the clinician would need to ensure they add a telecoil-based input program via the Fitting > Program Manager screen. The input type could be confirmed by navigating to the Fitting > Configure Features screen, and choosing the Input task box for the desired program. In addition, with all wireless enabled devices, 3-pin Europlug FM receiver units can be plugged directly into the bottom of the optional uDirect 3 neck worn accessory. In these instances, the FM signal would then be provided via the uFM wireless program.

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