Introducing a hearing instrument that looks as good as life sounds: MoxiTM V-RS. With a sleek, award-winning design, this innovative addition to the VivanteTM family enables your clients to engage in conversations with confidence. It’s time to help your clients amplify their style. 

  • Far from traditional, Moxi V-RS is an innovative and uniquely contoured form factor that appeals to design-focused clientele.
  • Individual left and right-side instruments are designed for comfort and built specifically for each ear.
  • This style has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design, highlighting its beautiful aesthetics, comfort and ease-of-use.

It’s time to help your clients amplify their style.

  • The Moxi RS charger, that accompanies Moxi V-RS hearing instruments, provides convenience and rechargeability in a sleek case with magnetic instrument retention.
  • The Moxi RS charger provides a seamless storage and charging experience.
  • All of the Moxi Vivante products have been designed with the same design philosophy that has earned us many design awards.
  • The stylish Moxi Vivante family of devices allows your clients to be engaged in more environments and conversations and enjoy in-the-moment personalization plus seamless connectivity.
  • Vivante takes living and hearing to new heights.

Welcome to the Vivante experience.