Conversations drive the world. Tempus drives conversations.

Communication is such an engrained part of our world. For most people, the biggest and best parts of each day are spent conversing with family, friends, and colleagues. But for those wearing hearing instruments, conversations that take place in noisy environments are the ones that prove to be the most challenging.1

1 Hayes D. How much do you really know about your patient? Hearing Review. 2017;24(4):22-23

Tempus COSI field trial results, 2017 

of clients want conversations to be easier. Here’s the answer.2
With the Tempus platform, we channeled our efforts into designing a high-performance solution that helps clients solve the biggest problems they encounter with conversations. Tempus empowers clients to take control so they won’t miss out on life’s conversations. High background noise? No problem for Tempus. If that’s not enough, it also delivers realistic sound. Conversations drive everyday life, and Tempus drives conversations. So, let your clients take charge.

Life isn’t always the same volume. It’s noisy then quiet, bustling then tranquil. Our technology adjusts for all listening experiences, seamlessly and automatically transitioning through a variety of environments. Your clients don’t have to manually adjust or fidget with their settings. One less thing to worry about.

Anovum (2017) Unitron Launch Monitor
Compared to the North platform in recognizing and locating speech

of hearing care professionals who have tried Tempus would recommend it to their colleagues1

faster speech recognition2

more accurate2

hear better in conversations powered by Tempus1

A hearing instrument doesn’t add a lot of value if it can’t properly deliver clear speech while also offering fantastic sound quality. We dynamically balance conversations, sound awareness, and optimal sound quality, leaving your clients with improved speech understanding and natural comfortable hearing everywhere they go – regardless of background noise

SoundNav precisely identifies and classifies signals into seven distinct environments, blending them to mimic real life. Life happens in conversations, so we’ve focused our energy there: We’re the only solution out there that has four listening environment settings dedicated to conversations.

Sound Conductor combines three adaptive features to ensure a perfect balance of the most important traits, such as the ability to clearly hear conversations and understand where sounds are coming from, all with stunning natural sound quality

Trying to strike up a conversation in a loud place? SpeechPro has your back. This innovative feature not only helps your clients better discern speech, but also assists them in determining where that speech is coming from, even in the most challenging listening environments.

Other hearing instruments miss crucial cues about the exact location a sound is coming from. Spatial Awareness solves for this by utilizing an innovative four-microphone strategy to acoustically separate sounds and help clients better identify exactly where a noise or voice may be coming from.

Whether patients want to connect directly to any smartphone, experience charge-and-go freedom, or enjoy the discretion that only the world’s smallest RIC can deliver, there’s a Moxi just for them.

The Stride family of behind-the-ear styles gives patients the freedom to interact in every kind of listening environment.

The Insera family of in-the-ear hearing instruments uses the sophisticated EarMatch™ modeling process to optimize directional microphone performance for each patient’s unique ear shape.