With a unique and forward-thinking design, Moxi B-RS breaks down aesthetic-based barriers and offers a true alternative in style choice.

  • Far from traditional, Moxi B-RS is an innovative and uniquely contoured form factor that appeals to the design-focused clientele.
  • The newly designed accompanying Moxi RS charger provides convenience and rechargeability in a sleek case with magnetic instrument retention.
  • Individual left- and right-side instruments are designed for comfort and built specifically for each ear
  • Red Dot Award 2022 winning Moxi B-RS joins a long-standing legacy of award winning hearing aid design

Moxi B-RS represents a new era of hearing instrument, offering your design-focused clientele a truly style-forward option.

  • Increase adoption rate with first time users with this new style designed to appeal to a broader client base
  • Innovative new form factor that defines what hearing instruments can and should look like
  • Powered by our advanced Blu platform with automatic sound adjustments, in-the-moment personalization and seamless connectivity

This cutting-edge performance tracking innovation, embedded within Unitron hearing instruments, captures real-world data to offer you and your clients insights into their hearing needs.  The latest enhancements to Log It All are our most advanced yet.

At Unitron, we love the experience. Unitron is proud to provide hearing devices designed for life – keeping people at the forefront of our design philosophy, and this belief has resulted in being recognized with the Red Dot: Product Design 2022 award for our Moxi B-RS hearing aids.