You have a lot to remember when you get new hearing aids. Whether it’s connecting to your smartphone or tailoring your hearing experience on the go, a quick demo helps you get the most benefit and love the experience of your Unitron hearing aids. 

We enlisted Douglas Baldwin, senior global training manager, and his work-at-home assistant Winston for some how-to videos on how to optimize your hearing aid experience. 

Your day likely involves more than one device: streaming media, taking a phone call, or accessing a digital assistant like Siri or OK Google. How do your hearing aids fit in?

In this episode of Ask an Audiologist, Douglas Baldwin and his furry assistant Winston show when and how to use the tap control option on Unitron’s latest generation of rechargeable hearing aids.

Did you know our hearing aids can double as a Bluetooth headset to take hands-free phone calls and stream your favorite media? Today’s hearing aids are designed to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your digital life.

In this episode of Ask an Audiologist, see how quickly and easily you can pair Unitron hearing aids to a smartphone.

You’re streaming video on your tablet when your phone rings. Don’t worry – you don’t need to scramble for your phone or miss a moment of the show. With Unitron hearing aids, you can be simultaneously connected to two Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Watch how easy it is to switch tasks in this episode of Ask an Audiologist.

You want to be able to just put your hearing aids on when you get up in the morning and forget them. With our sophisticated automatic sound processing, most of the time you can.  But no matter how intelligent they are, occasionally you may find you would prefer something different than the automatic system is providing in specific situations.

The Remote Plus app makes it easy to personalize your listening experience right in those moments.  See how easy it is in this episode of Ask an Audiologist.