We live in a world where technology that once filled an entire room now fits in your pocket. It’s not hard to design a piece of technology that fits into a room, but designing a hearing solution that fits easily in your ear, yet has more computing power than was used to land men on the moon, takes a purposeful design philosophy rooted in continuous improvements and adaptations to what clients need from their hearing solution. 

Moxi™ Blu, the newest hearing aid family from Unitron, is the latest in a generation of hearing aids designed for maximum comfort, ease of use, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can try any of our devices before purchasing to discover which works best for your lifestyle. 

With a smooth durable exterior and a sleek curved design, the first time you try on Moxi Blu you’ll barely notice it’s there — freeing you to notice the nuances of a casual conversation, the crack of a bat, and everything that lends color and vibrancy to your life. 

Moxi Blu doesn’t only help you hear life’s can’t-miss moments, it’s also a reflection of your own personal style. With six modern colors to choose from you can choose which blends to your skin tone or hair color. And Moxi Blu’s new design is made to accommodate how glasses fit around the ear. 

With Moxi Blu one full charge lets you live your day spontaneously without a second thought to battery life and allows you easy access to your digital devices for streaming calls and media. Moxi Blu gives you more than enough time to tackle an entire days’ worth of sights, and especially sounds. 

Unitron hasn’t forgotten usability. With a new large, responsive multi-function button, a gentle touch is all it takes to control Moxi Blu.

Choosing the perfect hearing aids shouldn’t be a stressful decision. So much of how you enjoy your world rests on devices that suit you specifically. We want you to feel completely at ease with your purchase. That’s why we’re proud to offer a unique approach that lets you try before you buy.

Moxi Blu lets you share your in-the-moment impressions of its performance with your hearing care professional using an app on your smartphone. This helps enable further personalization of your devices. And when you are ready to purchase Moxi Blu hearing aids, you can work together with your health care provider to choose a technology level that meets your needs.

Moxi Blu is designed for comfort and ease of use. You’ll appreciate its sleek and stylish design, and the confidence that comes with knowing Moxi Blu is built for the long haul, no matter where your day takes you.