The clock is running out, the game is tied, and your granddaughter has one shot to win the game. The crowd goes silent. What happens next is a once in a lifetime memory you don’t want to miss. She bends her knees, shoots, and makes the basket. The crowd erupts!

Years later, thinking back on that moment, you can still hear the hush, the gasp of the person next to you, the swish of the net, and then a wall of noise as fans rush the court to celebrate the game’s hero. Every one of these sounds is different, but still special, and missing out on one would be a shame. 

Moxi™ Blu, the latest in a generation of hearing aids from Unitron is designed not just to capture the moment, but to make memories as rich and full as the day they happened. Our new operating system automatically adjusts to your ever-changing listening environment so you can confidently follow where the day leads.  

Not every day is as exciting as a last-minute victory, but every day does have its adventures that take you to many different environments. Moxi Blu is designed for maximum spontaneity. From the unexpected visit from the grandkids, to birdwatching in the park it’s right there ready to deliver accurate, crisp, sound quality. 

All our Moxi Blu hearing aids automatically identify what kind of environment you’re in and if you’re having a conversation. Our most advanced models identify where speech is coming from, even behind you and automatically focus in that direction.

Often the best adventures are the ones taking you to the most dynamic environments. This means what you want to hear can change in an instant. When a relaxing dinner on a patio is interrupted by a traffic jam, Moxi Blu deploys its noise reduction technology to reduce honking in the background while still picking up from the waiter what’s on special that night. 

When dinner segues to a relaxing chat back home on the deck, you’ll not only hear the crickets chirping, but you’ll pick up on the subtle cues your companion makes as they quietly tell you what a nice night it was.

You never know where your day or night might take you, that’s the spice of life. Wherever you go, Moxi Blu will be with you, ready to deliver the sounds your life has to offer.