April 17, 2019 — Kitchener, Canada — Today, Unitron introduces its Discover platform, backed by the FLEXTM experience. Discover empowers hearing care professionals (HCPs) to provide a comfortable first fit, industry-leading sound performance and ultimate convenience for today’s on-the-go lifestyles. With Discover, HCPs can enjoy higher rates of initial acceptance and long-term satisfaction from their clients.1  

With the FLEX™ experience, only available from Unitron, you now have an opportunity to turn the traditional hearing care journey on its head.

Discover takes a leap forward in the hearing care industry with a new first fit strategy that helps HCPs create a positive experience for their clients, starting at the very first appointment. A refined and personalized first fit calculation ensures a comfortable sound experience to start, which gradually adjusts to a full, target fit automatically, over time.

“Age-related hearing loss happens gradually. During that time, the auditory system grows accustomed to a decreased volume and variety of sounds. It takes time to get used to receiving and processing higher, more beneficial levels of amplification. The longer the hearing aids are worn, the more receptive the wearer is to the additional amplification that comes with a full, target fit,” explains Dr. Donald Hayes, Director of Clinical Research, Unitron. “With Discover, HCPs can combine this first fit approach with a real-world assessment, so clients can experience greater speech clarity right away, in the places they spend time, without the reduced comfort that would have occurred if the complete gain was applied at the first appointment.” 

Using machine learning – a branch of artificial intelligence – the signal processing system in Discover has been trained to classify sound as precisely as a normal hearing young adult.2 This human-like ability to recognize, classify and adjust to acoustic environments, with no manual adjustments, provides a truly natural, seamless listening experience for the wearer, even in the most challenging listening situations.

“The Discover platform classifies sound in seven different listening environments and now classifies streamed signals, as well,” says Hayes. “It automatically adjusts the response of the hearing instrument to be optimized for speech or music.” This means that the hearing instruments can automatically apply the best, most appropriate features and signal processing for each listening environment, automatically.

Products currently available on the Discover platform include two RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing instruments: MoxiTM Fit with a 312 battery; and Moxi Jump R with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Both feature industry-leading connectivity that enables streaming of phone calls, and digital media from all mobile devices to both ears, hands-free.3

The FLEX experience is designed to make the entire experience of buying and wearing hearing instruments feel flexible, empowering and easy. “At Unitron, we want customers to love the experience of their hearing care journey. We know that people can take seven years to seek assistance with their hearing, and that nearly half leave a clinic without the amplification they need,” says Lilika Beck, Vice-President Group Marketing, Unitron, “We’ve done a lot of work to understand the pain points of the hearing care journey. Our FLEX experience is really designed to impact the first steps that a consumer takes, in a focused effort to improve the outcomes.”

1 Unitron Validation trials Q1 2019
2 Dr. David A. Eddins, WCA October 2018 Cape Town, South Africa.
3 Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with compatible Bluetooth connectivity.

Unitron is a hearing solution company that believes people should feel good about the entire hearing care experience, start to finish. Providing an exceptional product is just the beginning. Our ingenious FLEX™ ecosystem is a collection of products, technologies, services and programs designed to make the experience of buying and wearing a hearing instrument feel easy and empowering, with a level of personalized care you simply can’t get anywhere else. Get ready to Love the experience. A member of the Sonova Group, Unitron was established in 1964 and now has a global footprint, delivering an exceptional experience in over 60 countries. For more information, visit unitron.com.