Our approach to design goes beyond hearing aids, and includes providing a great user experience, every step of the way. Hearing care for us is the entire experience, from fitting to supporting a client throughout their journey.

Recently, our design efforts have included the enhancement of the Remote Plus app, now updated with a brand new look and feel. Our refreshed app delivers a modern user-centric experience and gives access to the information clients want to know about their hearing aids. Our goal is to not only provide a fresh look and feel, but also an improved user experience.

Putting simplification and personalization at the forefront, we hope to empower users to navigate the app seamlessly and to easily control and make adjustments to their hearing aids.

Using a user-centric design methodology is nothing new to us, in fact, Vivante hearing aids are built using the same philosophy, putting the client at the heart of every decision.

In the case of the Remote Plus app, your clients can expect an app that provides ease of use, more intuitive screen flows and enhanced accessibility features, ensuring that everybody can use the app, regardless of their needs.

Vibrant colors, typography, iconography and photography freshen up the app visually, and helps clients engage with the app, making it feel modern and less clinical. We now offer a number of new customization options within the Remote Plus app. Clients can choose between program photos and icons for even more personalization, and they can name their custom programs to match different locations, times of day, conversations or scenarios. Our refreshed design helps to reduce user taps within the app, while making the app feel personalized to their lives.

We know that for some, change can be hard. To help, we’ve also introduced a classic mode so that users can keep the same look and feel to the home screen that they’ve become accustomed to, ensuring that those who prefer the familiar can still take advantage of all the great features available through the Remote Plus app.

We believe in living life to the fullest, and the Remote Plus app is just another way that we are contributing to that end goal.

Lifestyle data has also been a big development in the world of hearing aids in recent years, and the Remote Plus app is no different, giving access to data such as step counting and activity tracking, all easily accessible within the app. Users also now have access to an expanded view of Log It All data, giving them a clear picture of their listening habits and allowing them to make decisions with the confidence that they have all the information at their disposal. Users can also access support materials, such as tips, how-to-videos and Frequently Asked Questions within the app.

You can feel confident that clients have everything they need right at their fingertips, long after they’ve left your clinic.