If you would like to perform remote adjust on a client that was fit with Discover Next products with TrueFit version  4.2, prior to when remote adjust was launch, and you will first need to bring them back into the clinic for a fitting. You will need to update to TrueFit version  4.3 and detect your clients devices and ensure that Insights is enabled for that client. By doing this, we will generate a new unique identifier that is stored on your client’s hearing instrument and in the Sonova cloud.

After you save the fittings to the hearing instruments and save the session, your client will need to update to Remote Plus version 3.0. Then they can open the app and connect their hearing instruments. If they have previously activated Insights, the app will re-register with the Sonova cloud automatically. If they haven’t activated Insights previously, they will need to activate by going to Settings->Insights->Ratings and follow the steps in the app. 

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