Life is unpredictable – but great sound doesn’t have to be. Wherever the journey takes you, enjoy great hearing care to help you make the most of it

Finding the right hearing aids is about more than just the results of your hearing test. Your lifestyle plays an important role too. Our flexible experiences help you find the best fit and support you every step of the way.

Wondering how great hearing aids will sound in real life? Hear for yourself the difference they make at work, home or play with a free trial.

During this time, the coach feature on our Remote Plus1 app will send you personalized tips on how to integrate hearing aids into your daily life.

1 Remote Plus app requires Unitron hearing aids with Bluetooth® connectivity. The Remote Plus app works on Apple smartphones with iOS 10.2 or newer and Android smartphones with version 6 or newer. 

Over a period of a few weeks, you can wear the hearing aids wherever life takes you, whether it’s your usual routine or an impromptu adventure. Meanwhile, our lifestyle analyzer gathers insights about the amount of time you spend in different listening environments – from quiet conversations to noisy locations – to gain a better understanding of your listening lifestyle. 

You can also rate your hearing experiences in-the-moment using Ratings, straight from your phone. Your input, positive or negative, is combined with other data – such as how long you wore the hearing aids and which sound environments you spend time in – to provide more context.

At your next appointment, you and your hearing care professional can review all of the information together to better understand your needs and lifestyle. We use evidence, not guesswork, to personalize a hearing solution that works best for you.

We get it: hearing needs and lifestyles can change. That's why we make professional adjustments from your hearing care professional available remotely or in-clinic to ensure you make the most of your hearing aids, whether you're at home or on the go.

What about the future? You can feel secure knowing you’ve made the right choice by keeping your options open. Down the road, you can upgrade to a higher technology level within your existing hearing aids. Simply pay the difference, no need to buy a whole new pair. What’s not to love?