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What FM systems can I use with Unitron hearing aids and how do I set them up?

Unitron hearing aids are compatible with all leading FM systems  i.e. SmartLink, Zoomlink, Roger to name a few. For those FM fittings using standard BTE devices, and universal audioshoes, the FM receiver can be plugged into the audioshoe using the standard 3 pin europlug. The  clinician would need to add a DAI program via the Fitting > Program Manager screen. Should a neckloop-type FM system be used, the  clinician would need to ensure they add a telecoil-based input program via the Fitting > Program Manager screen. The input type could be confirmed by navigating to the Fitting > Configure Features screen, and choosing the Input task box for the desired program. In addition, with all wireless enabled devices, 3-pin Europlug FM receiver units can be plugged directly into the bottom of the optional uDirect 3 neck worn accessory. In these instances, the FM signal would then be provided via the uFM wireless program.



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