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FLEX makes it easier

FLEX is our leading trial and upgrade solution that quickly builds trust with patients and gets them really comfortable with the idea of wearing hearing instruments. It’s an amazing way to differentiate your practice. And it’s only from Unitron. 

Intensify patient engagement

FLEX engages patients in their hearing journey, then adding in patient insights, takes your hearing instrument evaluations and recommendations to a whole new level.


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Clinical impacts of FLEX

The relationship phase of the patient journey is represented by three distinct stages.
FLEX provides benefits at each stage.


First impression

  • Create an incentive to engage
  • Differentiate marketing from competition

Building trust

  • Delight patients with risk-free trials
  • Engage patients in the process
  • Reduce fear and uncertainty
  • Reduce sales pressure
  • Engage family members
  • Speed up acceptance
  • Right technology on hand

Continuous care

  • Improve patient confidence in decision
  • Address changing patient needs
  • Provide premium repair service

Business impacts of FLEX

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